“How My Bishop Impregnated Me” – Alice

Alice Wambui of Embu County has revealed how a bishop pregnant her when she was seeking deliverance after persuading her that the holy spirit had talked to him and told him that she was meant to be his wife.

According to Alice, she married after coming to Nairobi to look for a house maid job, where she worked for a brief time and met a man who married her and they had one child.

Things between her and her husband didn’t work out, and when the baby was five years old, she moved out and began living alone.

She worked in a club for a short time, and while there, she met a man who was a regular customer, and she asked her to take her out, which she accepted, and it was then that she became pregnant with her second child.

She had to return home, and because of the difficulties she was facing, her cousin persuaded her to seek deliverance because she had been through a lot in her life.

When they met, the bishop told her that he would pray for her and that she should return in three days. When she returned, the bishop told her that the holy spirit has revealed to him that Wambui is his second wife.

She claims she accepted and became pregnant the night she slept with the bishop; when she notified him, he told her he was not the father of the child; she became upset and requested him for money to get rid of the child; she tried seven times but failed.

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Alice claims that her child is now ten years old, and that this bishop has never made a contribution anything to the child’s upbringing, despite the fact that he continues to serve as a Mukorino Bishop in Embu.

She claims that life has been difficult, and that all she wants is for the bishop to take responsibility for the child.


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