Tribe Whose Women offer Free Sex to Visitors, Cousins In African Country

Tribe Whose Women offer Free Sex to Visitors, Cousins In African Country

WINDHOEK-(MaraviPost)-The traditional customs and beliefs enshrine tribeswomen of the Himba tribe to offer what most people call free ‘Sex’ to their visitors or guest and cousins.

What could be the reason behind such an act?

As stated in my earlier post on this page, “the Himba tribe are among the peoples of Namibia.

They are an indigenous group of people with a population range of about 20,000 to 50,0000.” They are livestock farmers who live in a very harsh climate.

Over the past years, this particular group of people has been made headlines as a result of their ‘weird’ cultural practices. Curious to know their cultural practice?

Offering sex for free especially for visitors and guests is one of the ‘wild’ practice which I will be throwing more lights on soon.


According to one review published on the official publication site of Research gate, the reason the Himba tribes women undergoes such act is very simple; Hospitality, Lineage.

On the side of the Guest

On the side of the visitors or guests, sex is offered as a way to show warm welcome and as part of their hospitality process. In the process, the man must beg the women to remove her ornaments one-by-one and must also return them intact after the act.

It is also worth noting that, the kind of guest they offer sex to those close relation of the house – let’s say a friend of the family and not necessarily any visitor who tours the.

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However, for ordinary visitors or tourist, they get a night of company from a tribeswoman and I believe it is for this reason many are saying the women offer their body for free.

On the side of the Cousin

As stated earlier, these people are livestock farmers and wealthy as the family is dependent on the number of cattle they own.

Also, if the father (head of the family) is passed out, his eldest cousin is made the rightful heir, hence performing the responsibilities of the uncle.

For a cousin to inherit properties, he must familiarize himself with the family and this includes sleeping with the wife hence, one can say the practice was not to offer free sex but a cultural mechanism of rehabilitation, hospitality, social welfare services and information sharing.

Other weird Traditional customs

Aside from the above practice, there are also several ‘weird’ customs practised by tribe people. Some include women not allowed to bathe with water, giving young girls (especially age 8) out for marriage, practising polygamy and many others.

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