Fayose’s Endorsement of BAO, Height of Political Wisdom

By Karounwi Oladapo

January 10, 2024.

Fayose is a master strategist and full of Political wisdom. He knows how to play the game and will continue to remain Politically relevant in Ekiti politics and Nigeria for a long time.

He knows when to fight and when to beat a retreat and align with the Winning and Performing team, led by HE BAO.

He is happy and merry today and not stressing and sharping himself in an unnecessary and unproductive struggle for an elusive and unattainable State Power through a highly degraded, decimated, uncoordinated and extremely weak Political platform called PDP, in Ekiti State.*

*You don’t have to agree with his Political style and he has no apologies to offer anybody. If you are a member of Ekiti PDP and you see wisdom in his decision to support the Government of APC Oyebanji till 2030, follow him and if not, stay where you are. Ko fa ja!*

*God spare our lives, it will be a miracle if Ekiti PDP has any fighting strength and capacity for any Political battle beyond 2026 in Ekiti State. If PDP has been ruling in Bayelsa and Rivers States since 1999 and with a fresh mandate that will last till 2027 (i.e, for a cumulative period of 28 years) and same goes for APC in Lagos State, what stops same scenario from happening in Ekiti State?*

*Ekiti APC will be in the saddle for the first 28 years, starting from the APC Fayemi in 2018. This is 2024, take 6 years out of 28 years, you have 22 years. Simply put, Ekiti APC will retain Power with good governance for the next 22 years. That is, up to 2046.*

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*You don’t have to agree with my insight and Perspective but just keep this write up and be marking your calendar and start counting along with me.*

*It has been long you read from me. Compliments of the season.*

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