#Esu is not Satan: Ogboni King Speaks Out In Brazil, Leads Worldwide Campaign

By Adeyinka Olaiya/ Brazil

Brazil, the world’s leading traditional ground in the Americas , yesterday, launched a World Campaign against the wrong and negative definitions of Òrìṣà Esu in the Yoruba society of today . The program held in Ile-Ifa , the premises of the African cultural Center, Brazil , is aimed at straightening the negative, scary , wrong and misleading interpretations of Òrìṣà Esu , the Yoruba messenger deity .

The logo , #Esu is not Satan.

Organized by Nígerian Yoruba writers , Scholars and Traditionalists in Brazil, the program , tagged “#Esu is not Satan@Brazil” is the initiative of a Nígerian-Yoruba artist , writer and journalist , Adeyinka Olaiya . It counted with the support of the Ogboni Iwashe fraternity Worldwide) King , Oba Adekunle Aderounmu , who contributed and spoke furiously at the event , Oba Aderonmu lectured the importance in the sincere practice of the Yoruba Traditional Religion , he gave a long interview , he spoke don the realities of Òrìṣà Esu , he recited several verses in the Ifa literary corpus to back his explanations .

The Ogboni king , who is also the patron of the campaign described the Yoruba messenger god as Òrìṣà Esu , he said any other name apart from Òrìṣà Esu is foreign to the Yoruba people, he urged every Yoruba person in Brazil and around the world to join the crusade against the bastardizing of Yoruba language , culture and tradition . Oba Adekunle Aderonmu explained that Orunmila , who is the father of divinity in the Yoruba traditional religion , the interpreter of the voices of Olodumare to mankind , advised all Orishas to recognize Esu as the messenger deity , he said Esu is important to mankind .

Adeyinka Olaiya interviewing Ogboni king , Oba Adekunle Aderonmu at the launching of ‘#Esu is not Satan’ in Brazil.

Speaking with Adeyinka Olaiya , the Ogboni king said : “ It is high time Yorubas launch the campaign in Brazil too , I am set to also make sure that “ #Esu is not Satan@Brazil “ is certainly campaigned in Brazil and around the world , Òrìṣà Esu is the sincere Òrìṣà at the top of the 801 Irumoles , the Òrìṣà who completes the last one at the top of the 800 Irumoles making it 801 . Òrìṣà Esu sees your back while you see just your front , Òrìṣà Esu gives accordingly , Òrìṣà Esu is a mediator, a counselor , a peace maker , an ardent advocate of the truth , a messenger to Olodumare. It is blasphemy to attach Òrìṣà Esu to evils , Òrìṣà Esu cautions only , Òrìṣà Esu asks for the rights of other deities accordingly , Òrìṣà Esu cautions excesses and abuses from mankind. it is unwise to compare Òrìṣà Esu to the biblical Satan . Let’s revive the Yoruba tradition , let’s lead the crusade “ Oba Aderonmu revealed .

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The ‘#Esu is not Satan “ campaign is going on in other parts of the world including the United States , Africa and Europe . According to scholars in Yoruba tradition , wrong images , statues of Òrìṣà Esu are circulating the Yoruba society for ages , these are concerns to all the Yorubas around the world . A Brazilian traditionalist who recently changed his name from Marcelo Costa to Esubiyi Costa said : “ Òrìṣà Esu changed my life from negativities to positivities, I will continue to promote the worship of Òrìṣà here in Brazil . I am a proud Brazilian traditionalist , i have just changed my name to Esubiyi . Let’s join the crusade ‘#Esu is not Satan@ Brazil’ , it’s worthwhile “ Esubiyi Costa said.

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