Ekiti State Named “Most Active Tourism State” of 2023 by ATQ Magazine

Ekiti State Named “Most Active Tourism State” of 2023 by ATQ Magazine

ATQ Magazine, the preeminent authority in the realm of tourism media, is thrilled to announce that Ekiti State has been distinguished as the “Most Active Tourism State” for the year 2023. This esteemed recognition is a testament to Ekiti’s unparalleled dedication and commitment to advancing the tourism landscape within its borders.

Ekiti State’s exceptional achievement in clinching this prestigious title is attributed to a series of remarkable initiatives and events that unfolded throughout the year 2023:

– **Host of 2023 World Tourism Day**: Ekiti State welcomed the world by hosting the celebrated World Tourism Day in 2023, showcasing its cultural heritage, natural splendor, and warm hospitality to visitors from across the globe.

– **Host of NATOP’s Annual General Meeting**: Serving as the host of the Annual General Meeting of the National Association of Nigerian Tour Operators (NATOP), Ekiti State provided a platform for industry leaders to convene, collaborate, and strategize on ways to bolster the tourism sector.

– **Establishment of the Bureau of Tourism Development**: Ekiti State demonstrated its unwavering commitment to the advancement of tourism by establishing the Bureau of Tourism Development, signaling a proactive approach to strategic planning, promotion, and sustainable growth within the sector.

– **Host of African Tourism Action Climate Forum**: In a demonstration of environmental leadership and stewardship, Ekiti State hosted the African Tourism Action Climate Forum, facilitating crucial discussions and initiatives aimed at addressing the challenges of climate change within the tourism industry.

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These outstanding accomplishments underscore Ekiti State’s position as a trailblazer in the realm of tourism, setting a standard of excellence and innovation for states and regions worldwide.

ATQ Magazine extends its heartfelt congratulations to Ekiti State for this well-deserved accolade and commends its leadership and dedication to the advancement of the tourism sector. We look forward to witnessing Ekiti’s continued success and contributions to the global tourism community.

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