Buhari Is A Messiah, Sunday Igboho Is My Brother, Gani Adams Tells Yorubas In Brazil


By Adeyinka Olaiya/Brazil

The Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yoruba land, Iba Gani Adams has revealed to the sons and daughters of Oodua in Brazil that the Aso-rock in Abuja, Nigeria is occupied by a Nigerian Messiah, “a God sent leader, President Mohammed Buhari”.

The Jagunjagun of Yoruba land who addressed Nigerians in diaspora during the Yoruba International conference held in Saopaulo, Brazil said that the second term in office of the Daura born President of Nigeria is practically to charge the law abiding Nigerians of the need to wake-up from slumber and fight for a common cause, he said that though, Buhari appears to be the most confused leader in the history of Nigeria, he reaffirmed that the president has only promoted ethnic inequalities under a very short period of time in the office.

“This Government has provoked protests from Nigerians around the world, he is the messiah who has come to split Nigeria; His incompetence led to the creation of separatist groups around the country ” the Yoruba leader said.

According to the Yoruba Generalissimo , Messiah is the adequate word to describe a leader who has come to help realize the dreams of the Nigerians that are tired of living like slaves in the land of their forefathers.

He said that a government promoting social, religious and ethnic instability is automatically calling for commotion that will lead to division  “ To me,Buhari is the Messiah that has finally come to realize the dreams of a number of separatist groups clamoring to divide the nation   “ he said.

In a conference conducted and moderated through video conference meetings by the Nigerian Artist, writer and journalist, Adeyinka Olaiya and co-moderated by Pastor Kayode Aderemi, the Aare Ona Kakanfo said that the Yoruba Activist , Chief Sunday Igboho is his brother.

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He said that they are both fighting for same cause , their interest is to lead  the Yoruba people to the promise land. “I have done a lot to defend my race, i am the Aare Ona Kakanfo because of my impact towards the emancipation of the Yoruba people.

Igboho is also doing his own , let us not listen to some political intruders who wants to destabilize our struggles by trying to create conflicts between two brothers, we all like and support Igboho, I am a General, I take actions at the right time without twisting my tongues . I expect every one present here today to also contribute to the betterment of the Yoruba race in Nigeria and around the world “ he responded the audience.

The brain behind the creation of OPU (Oodua Progressive Union ) and the Yoruba One Voice , the Traditional Yoruba war  minister said that the integrants of his groups are over 5 million around the globe.

He congratulated the Yorubas in Brazil for organizing the conference, he promised to visit Brazil again soon . “ victory is ours “ he concluded.

Meanwhile, the Yoruba communities in Brazil and in the Americas has embarked on a special international awareness programs to help enlighten the Yorubas in Nigeria and in the diaspora of the importance and the reasons why they  should  always protect and fight the cause of their ancestors .

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