APC Women Forge Spiritual Bond for Governor Oyebanji’s Success in Office.

A group of women from the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ado-Ekiti, the capital of Ekiti State, have been holding monthly prayers for the success of Governor Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji and his wife.

The women, who are from the 13 wards of Ado-Ekiti, gather every last Thursday of the month at Mountain No.5, Eggroll Villa around Falegan in Ado-Ekiti to pray for divine support and protection for the governor and his family.

The prayer group, which started before Governor Oyebanji’s election in 2022, is a demonstration of their devotion and commitment to his leadership and vision for the state.

The women said they moved their prayer venue from Aso Rock along Ikere Road, where they used to pray, to the current location because the former place was turned into a hotel and relaxation centre, which distracted them from their spiritual focus.

They also recalled that during the election period, they relocated their prayer to Ori Oke Ezekiah in Erio Ekiti, where they prayed fervently for Governor Oyebanji’s victory, which they said was a result of their prayers.

Since then, they have not relented in their prayers, and have extended them to support his second-term ambition, which they said they are confident of, as they have received a revelation about it even before the general election in 2022.

One of the members of the prayer group, Mrs. Bose Adebiyi from Ward 11, said the monthly prayer is very important and impactful for the state, as it attracts God’s blessings and favour for the governor and his administration.

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She explained that the women are loyal and faithful to Governor Oyebanji, and will continue to support him until he completes his constitutional eight years in office, and even beyond if he endorses a successor.

Mrs. Adebiyi also pointed out that they were not expecting any reward or compensation from the governor, but are only praying for him to continue his good work, especially in the payment of pensions and gratuities, which many of them are enjoying.

Another member of the prayer group, Mrs Oluranti, said that they were encouraged by some party leaders and members, who are also from Ado-Ekiti, to keep up their prayers, as they believe in their effectiveness and power.

She said that the women are proud of Governor Oyebanji, and respect him for his achievements and humility.

Mrs. Oluranti noted that the monthly prayer for Governor Oyebanji and his wife by the APC women from Ado-Ekiti is a show of their unwavering commitment and admiration for him and a sign of their profound impact on the state.

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