Will Chief Segun Ajibulu Truly Offer the Bloom in Ekiti North Senatorial District?

By Oke Aruleba @Deprof

A concatenation of failed electoral promises cum dismal performances of the public office holders in Nigeria has left the Nigerian electorate bedraggled on the altar of disillusionment.

Without mincing words, most electorate are caught in the labyrinths of the perception that politics is a strife of interest masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage.

Since no man is apolitical: if you don’t get into politics, politics will surely get to you.
Therefore, should this macabre dance in the political space of Ekiti North Senatorial District remain trendy while a true Politician such as Chief Segun Ajibulu has made manifest his readiness to serve his Father’s Land? No, Ekitikete must move past indecision to action; the Omoluwabis must move past wrong choices to right choices.

Now is the time to wrest legitimacy from the asphyxiating grips of political hunksters,
who have deceitfully possessed POWER without COMPASSION, MIGHT without MORALITY, ECONOMIC POWER without GENEROSITY, and STRENGTH without SIGHT!

Now is the time to BESTOW the BATON of POWER on the RIGHTFUL CANDIDATE, who , no doubt, will CONVERT the PROMISSORY NOTES written for the ELECTORATE to DIVIDENDS OF DEMOCRACY in Ekiti North Senatorial District!

Now is the time for A JOURNEY OF SELF-DISCOVERY by those who, by an act of omission or commission, have voted amiss; a moment of rethink for those who have been previously hoodwinked into voting wrong choices to keep public office in trust!

The good news is that the crucial moment to rewrite the political history of Ekiti North Senatorial is at hand. Here comes God’s New Messiah: Chief Segun Ajibulu; the God’s chosen candidate to take Ekiti North Senatorial District to the long awaited era of Socio-economic developmental heights.

Peradventure, If you are unaware of the sterling qualities of Chief Segun Ajibulu, the Noble Bard of yesterday, James Russell Lowell has this lyrical course for your delight:
” Once to every man and nation,
Comes the moment to decide.
In the strife of truth and falsehood,
For the GOOD and EVIL side.
Some GREAT CAUSE, GOD’s New Messiah.
Offering the BLOOM or BLIGHT.
And the CHOICE goes by forever.”

Again and again, I must harp on the fact that many have been seared by the scorching fire of disillusionment arising from failed hopes that have been raised to high heavens.

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At this juncture, I say unto you dear Constituents of Ekiti North Senatorial District that you still have a CHOICE today. The opportunity to choose between The BLOOM of today(Chief Segun Ajibulu) and the BLIGHT of yesterday’s disappointment and lackadaisical leadership presents itself again on a platter of gold during the coming APC Primary Election where you must vote the best candidate (Chief Segun Ajibulu). It is not too late to lay claim to your rightful place in Ekiti political landscape. As all Electorate in Ekiti North Senatorial District march along the threshold of their new political destiny, imbibe useful lesson from the moving quote by Shakespeare :
“There is a tide and time in the affairs of men,
Which taken at flood leads on to fortune;
Omitted, the voyages of our lives are bound in shallows and miseries,
On such a full sea are we now afloat,
We must take the Current when it serves or we lose our ventures”

The urgency of the moment in Ekiti North Senatorial District calls for action. Chief Segun Ajibulu is the ANTIDOTE for Bad Governance. Therefore, he should be massively voted as the Senator come February 2023 to represent Ekiti North Senatorial District.

Remember, “the tide in the affairs of men” does not remain at the flood; it ebbs.

Chief Segun Ajibulu is a highly cerebral, and go-getter financial guru cum administrator. He is God – fearing, honest, nay, he is as transparent as the lake, good-naturedly tolerant. Chief Segun Ajibulu is renowned Human Rights Activist, who has fought untiringly to rid the world and Nigeria of the tripplings of socio -economic and political injustices.

His pedigree as a cheerful giver and lover of the poor masses has convincingly situated him far and above any candidates jostling for the plum job of the Green Chambers in Ekiti North Senatorial District.

Vote Chief Segun Ajibulu for Senate come February 2023!
Vote BAO for Governor!!
Vote APC!!!

Oke Aruleba@ Deprof
University Lecturer,
An Indigene of Ikere Ekiti

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