Man Who Makes Alot of Money Selling Cockroaches

A man known as Joseph Mgimba narrated how he started training cockroaches and selling them out to the Chinese who eat them, then making money from it.

The man said that when he newly started training the cockroaches, his neighbors and others thought he has ran mad, not knowing he was in his right senses, and all he was doing was hustling.

The man said that he trains them in containers that look like a suitcase and keep them at a temperature that favors them. He is very good at what he does and he has sold many cockroaches since he started training the cockroaches. He sells them to the Chinese people who take cockroaches as their meal.

His neighbors on the other hand were seeing his work as nonsense, not knowing that he makes quite good money from the business of training and selling cockroaches when due.

The man didn’t tell whether he also eats cockroaches or not, but his work is to train them and sell them.

He also added that cockroaches are healthy food, and they are proteinous to the body. They are not harmful to the human system since they are not poisonous like some animals. They even add nutrients to the human body and are also very edible.


From Opera News

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