Gani Adams Defends Yoruba Nation, Says Brazil is Our Second Home

..Tinubu 2023, Not My Concern

By Adeyinka Olaiya/Brazil

The Aare Ona Kakanfo, Iba Gani Adams has once again proven his distinct personality to the Yorubas in Brazil , he has simplified  the importance of his merited seat as a Yoruba War General.

The Jagunjagun who addressed the Yoruba communities in Brazil last Sunday has totally cleared   the doubts of the entire.

President, Egbe Omo Oodua, Pastor Kayode Aderemi / Also the Co-Moderator of the conference.

Latin American audience with his demonstration of intelligence and extra strategic control of the delicate sociopolitical and cultural stance  of the Yoruba people of Nigeria and in the diaspora.

In an international conference held in Brazil and moderated by the Nigerian artist, writer and journalist, Adeyinka Olaiya and the President of Egbe Omo Oodua in Brazil , Pastor Kayode Aderemi.

Iba Gani Adams said clearly that he is in accord with whatever the majority Yoruba people decides , he said that Brazil is the second home of the Yoruba people around the world , so he will forever be grateful for the  opportunity given to him as the Aare Ona Kakanfo to be part of this historic event.

The Yoruba war general who is vast in the grammatical use of the Yoruba language responded satisfactorily to over 20  solid questions from the audience in Brazil and around the world.

He never declined  questions considered delicate in the Nigerian society of  today , he displayed a complete love and interest in the success of the Yoruba people of Nigeria and around the world .

The Moderator and Coordinator of the Yoruba Conference , Adeyinka Olaiya conducting the talks with Iba Gani Adams in Brazil.

The Aare Ona Kakanfo responded to a very significant question from the President of NIDOA , Brazil chapter, Doctor Yusuf , Iba Gani Adams said that the Oodua nation , if eventually attained  will make our home comfortable for all our professionals and scholars abroad to come back home and practice their professions , he reaffirmed that the past Presidents of Nigeria.

Rtd.Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo and Dr. Goodluck Jonathan did not do fantastically well but they were better than this present Government of Nigeria who turned the offices of the Government to a family affair,

He also confirmed that he is not saying  so because of any extra interest in Obasanjo or for any political reason , he said that the President of Nigeria who  detained him most in prison during his tenure was Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

He said that his interest  as a Yoruba warrior is to liberate the Yorubas from slavery and from the hands of the Fulani tribe who has seized the nation for themselves since the independence in 1960.

He referred to the Fulanis as one of the deadliest tribe tormenting the peace of the Nigerian people, he reaffirmed that the Boko Haram is today considered the third deadliest terrorist group in the world .

Alhaji Akeem Apena also asked the Yoruba warrior of his opinion concerning the 1999 constitution, Aare Ona Kakanfo described the 1999 constitution as a scam , he said that no nation can move forward with such a constitution.

Comrade Olutosin , the Ilana Omo Oodua representative from Dubai , United Arab Emirates referred the Yoruba Jagunjagun to the Ifa Oracular divination revealed recently in Oke Itase.

Nigeria that  the eventual success of the Yoruba nation can only be attained by the total inclusion and participation of our mothers  our women ‘ Awon iyami.

He also suggested a complete organizational reasons and layout tactics such as the grassroots plans, creation of websites, conferences etc to enhance possibilities in our struggle for an independent nation.

Iba Gani Adams however responded that whosoever wants to achieve a greater  height without considering our mothers will only eat a badly cooked food, he will never reach his height.

He said that our mothers are the answers to our spiritual lives , he referred to “Awon Iyami Osoronga “ they are to be reckoned with , he reaffirmed that our grassroots are essential but needed strong strategies, he said that mutual understanding is the answer to a great and successful Nation.

OPU leader in Brazil, Comrade Biola Khokha, Uthman Dan Bakare, Sodiq Farouq and the Yoruba Fuji Mega Star, Tunde Chicago.

The Nigerian star ladies of Brazil through the coordinator , Iyalaje Titilayo Fadeyi asked  the Yoruba leader of his option regarding Asiwaju Tinubu’s 2023 election and if the Yorubas around the world can trust the Yoruba elders that we won’t be enslaved again by our own Yoruba elders in an eventual creation of the Yoruba nation .

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Iba Gani Adams responded that the ambition of Tinubu is his own problem , he said that he can not opine to that issue, he declared his neutrality. he said that his interest is for the betterment of the Yoruba people , he also assured the audience that Yoruba elders are worthy to be trusted.

The president of Oodua in Brazil , Pastor Kayode Aderemi asked the Yoruba warrior that a sincere link and source of right information should exist among the Yorubas in diaspora and the Yorubas in Nigeria.

Iba responded that we should try and join good and honest groups that are not polluted with distractors working against the success of the Yoruba people by politicizing our interest , he suggested Yoruba One Voice , OPU etc as good options .

Dr. Dele Yusuf, Babalawo Bayo Majaro and Elder Mike Adebowale (Actor) present at the Yoruba Conference.

An elder from the Yoruba community in Brazil , Alagba Peter Oluseyi Adewole asked if the struggles of all the Yoruba agitators in the diaspora won’t be forgotten when the Oodua nation is finally realized.

Iba responded that our elders are worthy to be respected and given the vote of confidence, they will honor every one of us who helped move the Yorubas to the promised land .

Babalawo Rasheed Adewale Adefioye , aka Adimula also prayed for the nation and a successful agitation that will lead us to the promised land.

The Brazil based Nigerian Fuji mega star , Tunde Chicago also sang a special song in honor of the Yoruba warrior and all the Yorubas present in the conference.

Oba Adekunle Aderounmu (Worldwide king of Ogboni Iwashe) and Prince Rasheed Adewale Adefioye (Adimula).

The Yoruba elder and adviser  to the Egbe Omo Odua in Brazil, Alagba Mike Adebowale (actor) displayed his contentment with the orations of the Yoruba warrior , he declared himself as a new fan of Iba Gabi Adams after hearing him address the audience “ I am now Iba Gani Adams fan “ he said .

The presence of the Yoruba elder , Alagba Bayo Majaro from Curitiba also colored the event with his extra traditional Yoruba attire , he displayed maturity and an underground coordination of the event along with the audience, he congratulated Aare for his intelligence and Oration.

Alagba Musibau Akanni from Bahia also congratulated Aare for his exceptionalities in tackling the Yoruba affairs , he thanked the audience for their sincere comportment.

Alhaja Aminat Ibironke , a member of the Nigerian star ladies of Brazil also joined from Ghana, she displayed her conformity with the orations of Iba Gani Adams .

The Nigerian super Babalawo, Adegboyega Nojeem (Omo Odo Agba) graced the occasion with a super Yoruba attire and a befitted Egba Orun(Necklace) , he expressed his satisfaction with the event and prayed for more of such in the future .

Comrade Titilope Fadeyi , Alhaji Hakeem Apena and Alhaja Aminat Abiola Ibironke at the Conference.

Also present at event, Alagba Faruk Sodiq congratulated the Yoruba warrior and the organizers , “ I pray that we continue like this , I am sure success is ours “ he said .

The conference also paraded writers , activists and journalists in Brazil and around the world.

The CEO’s of NewsmakersNG, Mr. Dipo Kehinde and Mr.Remi Ladigbolu , the CEO of Newslineplus from the United Kingdom , Mr.Osagie Fadaka, Mr Segun Alade, BBC United States and several other news outfits .

The Coordinator of Oodua progressive Union (OPU) in Brazil and the South America, Mr.Biola Coker also paraded activists and agitators from Brazil and the Latin America , they all made the event colorful .

The presence of Comrade Sola Salako , the Ilana Omo Oodua coordinator from the United Kingdom also graced the historic event held in Brazil . Mrs Oluwatosin from São José dos campos also graced the occasion . The president of the African cultural center and institute.

Oba Adekunle Aderounmu ( Worldwide King of Ogboni Iwase) also graced the occasion with talks and thanks to the Yoruba groups  and the  agitators , he thanked the presence of Aare Ona Kakanfo, Iba Gani Adams in the conference

The closing prayer was said by the president of Nigerian star ladies of Brazil , Pastor and Evangelist Temitope .

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