EKSG Speaks Tough Against Street Trading

Street trading has long been a cause for concern in Ekiti State, exacerbating issues such as traffic congestion, accidents, improper waste disposal, and unhealthy competition among traders vying for customers. The environmental repercussions are dire, with improper waste disposal leading to flooding during rainfall, and flooding contributing to road deterioration.

In a stern warning issued last week by Ekiti State Commissioner for Information, Rt Hon Taiwo Olatunbosun , traders across the state have been cautioned against street trading, particularly in Ado Ekiti. Olatunbosun emphasised the dangers posed by this illegal activity, citing its detrimental effects on traffic flow, waste management, and the potential for tragic accidents.

In response to these pressing issues, Ekiti State Government has taken proactive measures to curb street trading and to decongest the main Oja Oba, Oja Bisi and Okesha markets by constructing modern market facilities across Ado Ekiti, including the Agric Olope market, Awedele off Iyin road, and the Tosin Aluko market along Ikere road. These new markets boast proper sanitation facilities, well-maintained access roads, and enhanced security measures, offering traders a safer and more conducive environment.

Olatunbosun, therefore, urged street traders to relocate from hazardous street locations to these more comfortable environments. Emphasising the Government’s commitment to enforcing compliance with environmental regulations, the commissioner warned that officials would regularly monitor markets to ensure proper sanitation standards are upheld and culprits found violating these regulations will face prosecution per Ekiti State environmental laws.

By giving traders access to cleaner, safer, and more organised trading spaces, we aim to enhance traders’ overall well-being and economic prospects while ensuring public safety and public health for all residents. This initiative aligns with Governor Biodun Oyebanji’s broader agenda of promoting sustainable development and fostering a thriving business environment, no matter the size of the business, in Ekiti State.

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