Ekiti 2022: Why Ekiti Prefers Oyebanji As Fayemi’s Successor

By Gbenga Sodeinde

Investigation conducted by this reporter has revealed pointedly that Ekiti workers prefer a fresh governorship candidate who is a first comer as Governor because of so many reasons.

Findings from our investigation revealed that workers prefer a new comer to office of the Governor this time because he will come with fresh ideas and roll out new policies with the intention to woo the workers to support him and his administration to succeed.

The incoming Governor in the mould of a fresh candidate, will patiently learn the rope on the need to please the workers and will eventually perform excellently in convincing the people of his better style of governance.

In view of these, Ekiti workers have revealed that they prefer the All progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidate, Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji, (BAO) because he is coming and starting afesh and the people know that he is ready to learn humbly from them how best to lead as Governor

BAO is prefered by workers because he has worked in the state with governors, and served in various capacities in government in the past, and has already known where the shoe pinches regarding the yearnings of workers. He therefore, has realized how he can apply the soothing balm to relieve them if their pains.

The fact that the APC guber candidate, BAO is coming for the first time to be Governor and as a robust former civil servant, he is poised to work assiduously in other to lay down golden legacies for him to be returned for the second term.

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Of course, BAO is the preferred candidate and he will be massively voted for by the majority of the reasonable workers in Ekiti because of these major reasons and will make sure that he is elected at the polls come June 18, 2022 poll because they know that they will enjoy him more than a second comer.

Vote APC!

Vote BAO!

Vote APC/BAO For better Ekiti !

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