Why Fayose Again!!! (Hon) Dr Omotosho wrote this👇

“SIR! Dr Ayo Fayose,

I heard you have imposed another person for the National Delegate which i can win on my name and despite my request and my investment in serving you meritoriously. How wicked can you be. You even collected 50k from me in my period of peril for the same form, which I paid into Funmi’s account.

So, It is very easy for you to particularly threw me and Maxima under the bus and walked away smiling.
Same you did to Sanya. Shame..

Such a very horrorful record you have just built for yourself, by paying evil for undiluted loyalty.

You repaid our honesty and commitments to you with weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Your matter at the 5th EKHA almost ruined me and Maxima.

Everybody hated me and Maxima just because of the way we desperately watched your back. Thinking we are dealing with a worthy leader. .

We left 25M Naira each at EKHA because of you. You never gathered us together for a day to give us 25 Kobo each. Not once!

In pains and in hardships, you abandoned us completely.

You left us without shepered and made our lives poor, nasty, solitary, brutish and short..

We got official foreign trip with dollars as official entitlements, and we ignored it, just because we love you…thinking it was worth it.

People were calling for my head for single handedly jump passing the supplementary budget in one single day for you in Sept 2018, failure of which, your story could have been different today.

EFCC came for you, I took the risk, putting myself in the line of fire..

DSS came, I was there fighting as a Lion.. Weeping on Camera under duress that my dedication to you, caused me..

Late Buruji ambushed you, God used me to thwart it.

Olukere confronted you, I was there!
And several others too numerous to mention.

There was no special financial compensation you gave me for all these, yet I soldiered on in honesty..

I became enemy no 1 to APC, only because I did not fail your trust for once.

I fought your battles everyday everywhere.

Why? Whyy??

Osoko Why???

The power God gave you after surviving all these landmines of your enemies through my and our supports and faithfulness to you, is what you are NOW using to deny us the rewards for our sweats TODAY.

You are acting God by attempting to declare His faithfulness in the land of forgetfulness.
Yet twice I have heard that all powers belong to God Almighty and Not You..

I have a political challenge for obvious reasons, for a whole year, you never assisted me nor gave me a dime. Despite asking you for financial help 3 times while drowning. You left me to rot but God saved me in His Mercy.

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My mum died and I buried her after 9 months, you never assisted me with a dime.

I shouldered your political wars like no other to the detriment of my life and that of the family. Thinking that you will be there when needed, alas you are a pure ruse.

You resulted to blackmail me in your last message in your attempt to cover up, all my goods done to you in the past. But I am not the person to be swayed by such primordial style..

Everybody walked away calling you names but we stood to fight your enemies and we mix with your battles without care for our own safety.


You recklessly created an unending loop of use and dump forgetting that God’s structure of the society goes beyond that.

You knew the financial challenges that the political instability caused me in the last one year.

You are much aware of how I lost all my businesses and the cost of burying my brother and my mum within the same year.

You heard that I sold my car and sold my wife car to fight financial battles, but you aren’t moved nor bothered.

I came to Abuja convention in October against all odds to vote, you refused to give me the money meant for that purpose, a money that wasn’t yours, you held on to mine for no reason and you departed to Lagos despite that you know in my text message that I was coming to you that same evening, yet you left with my money and left me stranded in Abuja, until God used Hon Sina Animasaun for me.

You went as far as telling Ladi Adebutu who wanted to help and assist me financially to bury my mother never to do so, all for no reason other than pure personality disorders.

You have failed us and hence you have failed yourself woefully.

Be assured that we won’t go down financially by His Grace.

Be also assured that even in your old age , you will hear of our exploits politically by His Mercy.

You are a bad leader.
A leader in the category of rags.

It is clear that you know what you are doing but God is not a man that he should lie..

I leave you to posterity and God.”

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