We Are Babalawos! Truth From The Advent of Technology

By Dr. Sikeade Mercy Adegboyega

We are Babalawos, Yes we are! As such, Babalawos adjusts the Cowries on a plain mat for a better clarification, permit me to make the following clarifications.

Nowadays, Technology has signaled a massive change on how the entire world in the 21st century view, perceives, communicate and participate effectively in the society.

During the pre- colonial era, Research and Communication were made possible by consulting ‘Ifa’ via Babalowos who eulogies Ifas with the use of Cowries.

As such, the Babalowos adjusts the Cowries on a plain mat for a better clarification in other not to mislead their people.

Findings on the research made by the Babalowos from the Cowries will be adequately communicated to them through town crying, beating of drums, shooting of guns, burning of fires, whistling, drawing diagrams, weeping or mourning, protest or procession, etc.

The advancement of Science and Technology has improved significantly the way we make our findings in research and communicate even in the nearest possible way.

This is made possible via the use of technological tools such as; computers, Android phones, iPads/tablets, etc where we slide front and back, up and down, left and right for adjustments to navigate the system to make our findings clear and well communicated to people which is similar to the use of Cowries on a plain mat by the Babalowos in the olden days.

Dr. Sikeade Mercy Adegboyega,Educational Technology Unit, Science  Education Department, Federal University  Oye-Ekiti.(FUOYE).oluwasikemi.adegboyega@fuoye.edu.ng .

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6 thoughts on “We Are Babalawos! Truth From The Advent of Technology

  1. The author invokes my interest in this piece of write-up, linking technology and science to culture through modern equipment gives a clear indication of eulogizing the formation of technology and science to the ways of people’s life.

  2. Talking about the efficacy, invisibility and potency of some concepts such as binary, centrifugal force, speed of light and waves in technology; we will not doubt the fact that technologists are specialize babalawos.

  3. This piece has just proven the importance of culture and its technological upgrade.This is a brilliant one I must say

  4. Technology is to the World!!!
    Of a truth, technology creates and supports the creation of a research platform for the historical, social and scientific development of the 21st century

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