The Secret Behind Oyebanji’s Landslide Victory


By Wasiu Owolewa

Alas, June 18, 2022 governorship election in Ekiti state has come and gone. But the most interesting thing is that the winner emerged having scored the highest votes at the poll.

Reactions have trailed the landslide victory of the winner of that contest which is His Excellency, Mr. Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji, the governor-elect of Ekiti state.

Most people who have reacted described Mr Oyebanji’s victory as a true reflection of his general acceptability among Ekiti people.

As one would admit that this is a true statement, there is need to look at the secret behind his general acceptability.

First of all, one singular thing that endears BAO to the heart of Ekiti people is his act of benevolence and that has worked in his favour in the just concluded governorship election.

One great lesson to be learnt in BAO’s landslide victory is that, it is good to be good.

What someone sows he or she will definitely reap it. And there is no singular thing that you do that people don’t note.

Years back when Mr Oyebanji was opportuned to serve Ekiti in different positions and using that opportunity to better the life of people around him, he may not have thought of vying for this bigger position that God has given him today.

Without having it in mind or showing interest in becoming the governor of Ekiti state, he has been rendering assistance to people who are in one need or the other.

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It is these people who have benefitted from his act of benevolence that started the agitation and drumming support for his governorship ambition. What began like child’s play snowballed into something bigger.

From the above view, it could be assumed that many people voted for BAO on June 18 not because of his political party but because of his personal qualities and the good testimonies they have been hearing about him.

It will be an understatement for anyone to say that financial inducement propelled people to vote for BAO. The people of Ekiti willingly gave him their votes based on his act of benevolence and good track record.

There is no magic wand or secret behind Oyebanji’s landslide victory other than his act of benevolence.

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