Suspected Ritualist Plucks Eyes, Tongue of Teenage Boy In Ekiti

By Bayo Famoroti:

Some residents of Oke Oniyo street, Ajilosun, Ado Ekiti are yet to unravel the mystery surrounding the sudden disappearance of the eyes and tongue of a teenage boy who died in the area.

The boy known as Good luck sustained a mild injury in the leg while playing football and later fall sick.

He was said to have died few days later perhaps due to infection or complications as a result of the injury.

However the boy was said to be laid in a room over night in preparation for his burial but his mother and other sympathizers couldn’t believe what they saw as the found his body already mutilated by dawn.

His both eyes were removed and his tongue cut off while some part of the flesh around his mouth was also cut.

Narrating the incident, some residents said the corpse of the boy was brought by the family at evening perhaps from where they took him for treatment.

They wondered how such an evil act could have occurred without the knowledge of the family members who brought him.

But another version said only the boy was left in the room as the mother was advised not to sleep with the corpse.

According to the residents, the boy’s part may have been removed for ritual and by somebody close to the family who have access to the room where the boy was kept.

To this end, the police have been invited to investigate the matter.

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