After carefully reading from various sources on the supposed suicide of Ayandare Modupe a 500 level student of my alma mata Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba Akoko I dare say the conspiracy theory of a suicide is not tenable nor acceptable to me.

The late Ayandare was not reported to be undergoing any form of depression nor was she having any known or unknown issues that might prompt her to take her own life.

According to the reports, she left vigil around 4 to 5: 00 am and was later found dead in a very compromising position the conspiracy theory that she took her own life is not tenable nor acceptable to me.

As a graduate of that great citadel of learning, I was also involved in many extra curricular activities and I bet I have witnessed terrible incidents which happened to me and other students but thankfully in those scenarios no loss of lives.

But same cannot be the same of other students who either lost valuables and some unfortunately lost their lives. At this juncture, Let me hit the nail on the head, the fact is Akungba community is a very hostile environment, it is not student friendly I remembered some years back the Regent of Akungba back then was kidnapped on her way from Akure where she went to a meeting with the Governor Olusegun Mimiko in company of the Vice Chancellor Professor Ajibefun.

The school had to be hurriedly closed down and students were told to remain indoors as the unruly youths of the community threatened brimstone and fire on students should the Princess not be released.

It was a tense situation and one wonders if the students are responsible for the kidnapped. Students on countless occasions have been attacked by indigenes of the town forcefully taking their belongings and some female students getting raped on countless occasions.

Their was one notorious guy back then called Agba who threatened us on on of our campaigns for an Aspirant during the SU elections guess what the maniac wanted to sexually harass the ladies and tried snatching our phones if such individual saw Modupe in that hour alone won’t he do worse?

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The other time a student was stabbed by a young guy an indigene of Akungba and then fled after commiting the heinous crime and till today I doubt if he was ever arrested while the parents of the stabbed boy continue to mourn the death of their young promising son.

I am not saying Akungba indigenes are responsible for this young ladies demise but records have proven that most crimes committed on students of AAUA are mostly carried out by Akungba indigenes no apologies.

Until proven by competent authorities I am not accepting Miss Ayandare’s death as *Suicide* that story is not adding up this is not the first time such things will be happening and later will be covered up and forgotten Ayandare does not deserve to die from the hands of any mortal, she deserves to live. From the Church down to the site she was found a thorough investigation should be conducted and all suspect to be properly interrogated even the Pastor of the Church and those they attended the vigil together.

The questions begging for answer are:
1. Why did she leave the vigil? Is that the time for closing?

2. Any altercation or confrontation with anybody during the vigil?
3. What of her phone and her chats their must be a link especially with her close friends.

4. Is any of her valuables missing ? We want to know and who called her last?
We demand justice for Modupe!!
Idowu Adebomi writes from Ado Ekiti.

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