Relax! Your Own Time Will Come

By Oluwanishola Akeju

Time ⏰

I got married age 25. I was an undergraduate then. Some said I was too young; but I got married because It was my time.

I had nothing. It was tough for years. Waited for four years to get a good job. It happened at my time.

A cousin of mine while I was in 100L finished from Bowen university age 22. It was his time.

He traveled to the UK age 23 and got a job. His annual remuneration as at then was 13,744,000 converted to naira. He completed his first house here in Nigeria age 27. It was his time.

We both celebrated the same age this year, same month, same day.

He isn’t married yet. It is not his time.
I’ve never bought a block, let alone build a house. It’s also not my time.

Why did I share?

So many feel bad when they see other people’s life achievements.
They get worried as they see themselves as failure and unfortunate. But they don’t understand that time is a major factor in life.

When it is your time, your hard work would be rewarded. Things will fall in place and then you will achieve a whole lot bigger than your dreams and age.

They will all come easily and only then you’ll understand the “The time of life”.

If others get to have what you don’t have; know it that, it is their time having. Yours too will come.

If you have what others don’t have. It’s only your time to have achieve those things too. Undoubtedly, their own time will come likewise.


What is that thing getting you so worried that you are yet to achieve that others already have?

Dear, Relax. Your time will come.

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