Nígerian Writer, Adeyinka Olaiya Address Brazil Parliament, Elevates Yoruba Culture

By Gbenga Sodeinde

In commemoration of Afro Day in Brazil , The Nígerian artist , writer and culture advocate in diaspora , Adeyinka Olaiya , on Monday 21st.Nov. 2022 , spoke in the House of Assembly in Brazil, the versatile communicator addressed the parliament on the preservation of African Arts , Culture and Tradition .

The outspoken culture promoter received rounds of applauses as he appraised in Yoruba language, Baami Agbonmiregun , Orunmila-Ifa , the Yoruba deity of wisdom, knowledge and divination .

Adeyinka Olaiya , Lois and a member of the House.
Adeyinka Olaiya and Brazilian Iyalorisa

Acknowledged for his exceptional contribution to the promotion of Yoruba traditional religion in Brazil , Adeyinka Olaiya is the Ambassador for Aje , ( the deity of prosperity) in the Americas , a title conferred on him by His highness , Obaleso , the Obatala in Ile-Ife , Nígeria

While addressing the congress , Adeyinka narrated the incidence of slavery in the Yoruba kingdom , he insists the wicked act of slave trade should not separate Afro families in recent times , he advised Afro-Brazilians to locate their ancestral links in Africa.

Lois and Adeyinka Olaiya

The Publisher of Ancestral News (ancestral.com.ng) , Adeyinka Olaiya was honored with a certificate of excellence . The parliamentarians thanked him for his exceptional lecture in the house of assembly “ It’s an eye opener “ Lois exclaimed

The Nigerian Artist and writer who also applauded the Afro-Brazilians over years of resistance in a society full of racial and social discrimination , he said they should never relent “ You must keep the culture and tradition of the Africa people well and preserved . It is our identity “ – he concluded.

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Adeyinka Olaiya receiving honors from the president of the house of assembly

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