Na wa o! This World Is Full of Evil! 😭

Na wa o! This World Is Full of Evil! 😭

What is really going on in this world 😭

Mrs Udeme Akpan travelled out on official duties. She was expected to spend 5 days but as fate would have it, the programme only took 3 days. Since she could not reach her husband on phone, she decided to return home unannounced.

At home, her children told her that their father had a female visitor the moment she left and that the lady has been with them since then. On hearing this,she became so furious and jealous.

Learning the lady was in the visitor’s room, she peepped: lo and behold, the lady was there; even putting on her wrapper. She quietly went to the kitchen and boiled water in her very big kettle. As the water was boiling, her husband drove in.

The husband went straight to the visitor’s room calling out: ‘MY LOVE I’m home.’ not knowing his wife was also around.

The wife was even more angered when she heard that and said to herself ‘today, God must receive 2 visitors.’

She took the hot water she boiled in a big kettle which had already reached 100 degree centigrade and made garri (ÈBÀ) with it for three of them – Husband, Herself and the Mother In-Law in the Guest room, while children ate Noddles.”


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