My Son Came Home For Easter break, He’s Not A ‘Yahoo boy’, Says Mother of Driver Stoned To Death Akure

My Son Came Home For Easter break, He’s Not A ‘Yahoo boy’, Says Mother of Driver Stoned To Death Akure


Mother of late Tope, his daughter and wife.

… Says son was killed in her presence.

Following the gruesome killing of a 35-year-old driver, Tope Olorunfemi, who was mobbed to death in Akure, Ondo State capital, the mother of the deceased had refuted the claims making the rounds that his son was an internet fraudster popularly known as “yahoo boy”.

According to the grieving mother, Mrs Mojisola Olorunfemi, his son was into the e-hailing business in Lagos State and came to Akure with his family to celebrate Easter.

On Easter Monday, a mob beat and stoned the deceased to death after crushing some road users to death and injuring six due to alleged reckless driving.

After killing the deceased driver, his car, a Toyota Camry (muscle), was also set ablaze by the irate mob in the presence of his wailing parents.

The mother disclosed that the accident was caused due to alleged brake failure, adding that he was mobbed to death in her presence, while she was helpless to stop the lynching of her son.

She added that his father bought the vehicle for him in order to assist him to make ends meet when he relocated to Lagos with his wife and daughter.


She said: “Tope was never a Yahoo boy but a gentle boy. He moved to Lagos after his education where he got a vehicle and registered as a Uber driver to make ends meet.

“His father later bought a vehicle for him about three years ago for the Uber driving business.

“He was in Akure with his wife for the Easter celebration and I noticed he had become lean and asked them to stay back for a week before returning to Lagos when they said the stress in Lagos is much for him.

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“They had parked their belongings in the car including his wife and child and left it in the car since they have agreed to stay behind. So the clothes in his car belong to his wife and child and he was never a ritualist or Yahoo boy”

While disclosing how her son was mauled to death in her presence, she said “On Monday morning it was the father that called me and explained to me what happened and I rushed there only to meet my son in his pool of blood.

“I tried to save him but the mob turned against me and prevented me from rescuing him. I was there looking at him helplessly while his siblings could also not stop the mob action and they even hit me with planks.

“All these claims that some fetish objects were found in his car were nothing but tissues of lies. The piggy bank found in his car belongs to the wife and not a small coffin or casket as they claimed.

“My son has been a hustler since his childhood. He had engaged in many menial jobs like bricklaying and other jobs to make ends meet before embarking on this Uber business”

She appealed to the government to ensure that those who participated in the killing of her son should be dealt with according to the law.

“The state government should help bring those behind my son’s death to book, those who kill by the sword would surely die by sword too. Those who killed Temitope should be made to face justice.”



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