l’m Still Appealing to Aggrieved in SWAN to Sheathe Their Swords- New V.President S.West

In this interview with Gbenga Sodeinde, the newly-elected Vice President of Sports Writers Association of Nigeria, (SWAN) Deji Ogunsakin, appealed to Aggrieved members of the association to Sheathe Their Swords, excepts…

Question: Tell us about yourself, positions you have held before now

Answer: My name is Ayodeji Ogunsakin,I work with the Nigerian Television Authority,a former treasurer and a two- term chairman of SWAN, Ekiti State chapter, and currently the Vice President, South West, Sports writers Association of Nigeria.

Question: How do you feel being elected as SWAN Vice president (Southwest), being the first member from Ekiti state to attain such enviable position?

Answer: First of all, I want to appreciate the God Almighty for His grace and equally thank our leaders and members of this association in the South west zone for this opportunity.

I want to say that I feel elated for emerging the Vice president and for the fact that this is the first time such position is coming to our dear State Ekiti since it’s creation. At the initial stage when I was asked to vie for this position,I was skeptical and nearly say no that it’s a big load for me, but I appreciate our leaders in the zone and those who encouraged me that I can do it, based on my past antecedents, contributions and other responsibilities that I have engaged in the past, and I was given an assurance of their support.

Even when l brought it up with my colleagues at the state chapter, the members of Exco and everybody embraced it and said they are ready to give me 100 percent , so I owe them millions of thanks.

Also, when l raised it in my place of work at NTA Ado Ekiti,everybody from the General Manager embraced it and said they are in support of my dream.

When I was elected as the Vice president South west,I was happy and appreciated God, I was quick to remind myself that there are big tasks before me, to manage the situation in the Zone, but l really have trust in God that with Him, the job with be easy.

Question: Sporting associations and athletes in Nigeria seem not to be living to expectations in terms of administration and performance at international meet, what would the new national leadership of SWAN be doing in this regard to turn things around?

Answer: We can not say totally that our athletes and sportsmen and women are not doing good or leaving up to expectations in terms of performance at international meet or competitions, because when we look at the performance of some of them in recent years,they have placed the name of the country on high pedestal in the global scene.

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But, this does not mean that we are satisfied with this as there will always be room for improvement.

In the areas which still need improvement, I want to believe that government and concerned stakeholders in the sporting world are not relenting in addressing such, to meet the expectations of Nigerians.

I cannot categorically state that this is what the National leadership of SWAN will do or that it is doing to address this or turn things around,but l have the believe that they are not folding their arms on this by calling the attention of government where necessary to turn things around positively for the nation’s sports sector.

Question: There were burning issues placating some state chapters of SWAN in the Southwest before you were elected. How do you intend to resolve and address this issues to have a united SWAN in the region?

Answer: Yes, this is one of the things that came to my mine mind when I was asked to take up this task because I am aware of some of the issues that are obvious on ground for the past three years in some states in the zone.

But be that as it may, I have one believe that there is no problem without solution, and l said it that, this responsibility is mine as an individual,but collectively we will work together with all the chapters in the zone and come together as one big family to move the association forward in the zone.

So, this is why l am still appealing to those who are aggrieved in one way or the other to please sheathe their swords and let us reunite for the interest of the zone and SWAN in general.

Question:. How would you use your new office to better the lots of SWAN in Ekiti and develop sports generally in the state?

Answer: By the grace of God, we are enjoying the expected unity of purpose in Ekiti State chapter and all of us see ourselves as one and we relate as such. So,this is what has been keeping us moving.

By the grace of God, I will continue to relate well with them and render advice where necessary. Also, as l will be championing the interest of other chapters in the zone at the national level as their Vice President,Ekiti state being my own chapter will not be left out by the grace of God.

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