Limits of Medical Orthodoxy – ‘Boyede!

By Sulaiman Salawudeen
Limits of orthodox, often dubbed western, medicine, which, even while still being largely unsuspected, seem preferred being concealed by practitioners, is prime issue the passing of Odekunle Waliyu Olaboyede (OWO) partly underlined/exposed. Like many before and after OWO, deaths from cancers could often have been averted, or at worst reduced, if victims were tutored regarding boundaries of efficacy of so-called western medicine, which, much as already well established, alternative Afro-Asiatic herbals have largely addressed.

Waliyu, at the earliest stage of the attack, did tests to ascertain presence of Hepatitis B virus and took drugs/injections/intravenous fluids as recommended by and under the supervision of experts at the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan, but the ailment still took his life, despite documents issued to ascertain his CLEAN health state.

This is precisely as the professionals failed to give advisories, specifically about requisite consumer protection statement.No one fighting whatever cancer should ever be awarded any CLEAN health bill, except as accompanied by warnings on consistent, regularly-paced, routine tests. Is eternal vigilance not admitted as the only price for safety?

Waliyu underwent quite costly regimen for cure, just as recommended, and paid the supreme price still. How many losses? Another issue for lamentation is the attitude of health institutions abroad in responding to calls of needy patients to facilitate travel documents on their behalf, to enable them access quality care as they desire, and could afford.

The two, three hospitals contacted overseas in respect of OWO to do the needful, even after all evidences, including videos, were supplied, showed no interest. OWO returned to Nigeria from Dubai, UAE, with detailed medical report, including analysis of his liver condition, alongside the urgency of LIVER RESECTION operation overseas.

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But, the hospitals to which the reports were sent upon agreements simply refused to act on agreement, and days went into weeks, even months! Till now, none of the said hospitals gave feedback!

Just few months into a new life in Dubai where he had relocated and started working as one of the corporate voices of a large consultancy outfit, upon resigning his engagement from the BCOS, Ibadan as broadcaster, he reported experiencing gripping pain at the lower portion of his right breast while taking a walk in company of a friend one late evening.

It was this which forced him to return to Nigeria immediately, but not before the diagnosis in Aster Hospital (Dubai) the day following the pain experience. From spiritual to mundane, and from traditional to orthodox, helps were procured in such quantum of cash that reduced the wads to almost mere heap of papers!

Just days after his return from the UAE, two of his brothers had joined him on a visit to a Lagos private hospital, following an advice from an expert at the UCH. In Lagos, the consultant parleyed

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