Land Dispute: Journalist Petitions Police, Over Threat To Life

By Gbenga Sodeinde in Ado Ekiti

A Journalist, Idowu Adebomi has petitioned the Ekiti State Police and other security agencies in the state over the alleged threat on his life by one Mr. Olu Falade’s family in Iyin Ekiti.

In the petition signed and made available to Journalists in the state, Mr. Adebomi alleged that the threat was made over a dispute of land ownership in Iyin Ekiti.

Suspect, Mr. Olu Falade

The petition dated July 8, was directed to the state commissioner of Police, Ekiti and copied to Nigerian Human Rights Commission, (NHRC) Department of States Security Services (DSS), Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, (NSCDC) and Nigerian Union of Journalists, (NUJ).

According to the contents of the petition, Mr. Idowu an orphan said the land and the building on it belongs to his late father Mr. Olusola Adebomi who died in year 2000 and was buried there.

Part of the petition read :on the 3rd July 2024 at about 4:00 p.m I was accosted by Mr. Falade and his family which includes Mrs Titilayo Falade,one Ejire and the mother of Mrs Titilayo Falade claiming to be the rightful owners of the land and the building on it.

In the process of trying to explain to them and show them proofs I was mobbed and pushed around and when I stood firm that I will not handover my father’s property to them, the mother of Mrs. Titilayo Falade pointed at me and said to me verbatim “To ba so wipe o ni jawo Emi e ma Sonu si” that is I will lose my life if I don’t stay away from the land.

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Petitioner, Idowu Adebomi

Mr. Idowu maintained that he was once threatened by Mr. Falade himself but that some respected persons waded into the matter and settled it .

” When Mr. Falade made that statement I didn’t put much thought to it but when his sister the mother of Titilayo Falade came and declared severally that my life will be cut short it then started making meaning to me”.

Mr. Idowu also said the family in a phone call threaten him to withdraw a post he made on a Facebook page Voice of Uyin the night of 3rd of July 2024 where he appealed to Iyin People to persuade Mr. Falade and to leave the matter of life out of the land dispute.

” I only posted on the page to appeal to all Iyin sons and daughters to help me since my life is being threatened only to be called by the family the next day that I defamed their family and that I should issue a public apology ”

Mr. Adebomi said it will be unfair to him and his siblings if after his life was being threatened by a group of people, it will be absurd to expect any apology from him since he was the one whose life was threatened.

“I hereby call on the Nigeria Police force, and all concerned authorities to kindly come to my aid since my life is now in danger ” he concluded.

Copy of the petition:

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