Jimoh Ibrahim: Poised To Reduce Legislative Duty Through Quality And All Inclusive Representation 

By Ogungbemi Adeyemi O

Now is the time for the much expected quality representation for our senatorial district after years of deliberate abandonment of the zone that was once the toast of other districts in Ondo State and Nigeria at large.

Ondo South was at a time the industrial hub of our sunshine state, is now wallowing in a state of disrepair having basked in the neglected gully of protracted power outage for years, moribund Oluwa Glass Company, the near dead pariah status of Okitipupa Oil Palm Corporation, the Cassava Industry killed at birth, our one time functioning Technical Schools and many more face-lifting innovations of our heroes past.

The decision of Dr. Jimoh Ibrahim, CFR to take a shot at the Red Chamber come 2023 isn’t an aspiration borne on a promotion of any self aggrandized mission but a collective drive to join hands with other leaders and representatives of the South to stall the wrecked ship of backwardness of the senatorial district.

Beyond the statutory duties of a federal legislator, Dr. Jimoh Ibrahim CFR is poised to run a masses’ driven and all inclusive representation after he is elected and sworn in as a senator by June 2023.

As it is the norm , a leader with nobler progressive and lofty desire for the development of his people, will take inputs from the people, considers their yearnings and prayers and turn same to bills that will become a laws which will address the people’s request resulting to people’s relief.

For the first time in the history of Ondo South, the area will be blessed to have a man that has traveled far and wide with known pedigree of competence, compassion and character.

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The National Assembly will know that there’s a senatorial district that produced the largest Glass Company in those days of yore adding to the Gross Domestic Product of the country. Our Cassava Processing Company and other moribund industries will have the quantum jump expected of them.

The Ondo South APC candidate for the Red Chamber grew up from among his people, where he ate and drank from the gourd of love and communal feelings.

He understands what our people really need, the struggles and suffering they are going through, the huge pain and little gain of the moment. This is the very much reason he is offering himself for this redefined and selfless leadership ladder.

For this reasons the Ondo South electorate need to come together and give Jimoh Ibrahim a block vote that will take him to the Senate as our dependable Federal Lawmaker at the upper chamber of the National Assembly come 2023

Ogungbemi Adeyemi O is a resident of Okitipupa Local Government of Ondo State

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