“It goes against my belief as a Jehovah Witness” – Sick Nigerian woman

..Yet, she is in dire need of surgery but refuses blood transfusions

Chigozie Effe, a prominent Nigerian philanthropist, faces a challenging situation as Lydia, a critically ill woman in need of urgent surgery, staunchly refuses blood transfusions due to her beliefs as a Jehovah’s Witness.

As a Jehovah’s Witness, Lydia’s beliefs prohibit her from accepting blood transfusions, presenting a complex ethical dilemma for the medical team and Effe, who is spearheading efforts to save her life.

In a heartfelt plea shared on his Facebook page, Chigozie Effe expressed his concerns about Lydia’s life-threatening situation.

The doctors attending to her case have determined that she needs five pints of blood to safely undergo the necessary surgery.

However, Lydia’s religious convictions have led her to reject this medical intervention, opting instead for a blood capsule, which the medical professionals have deemed unsuitable given the urgency of the surgery.

Lydia’s condition has placed the medical team in a difficult position, as they acknowledge that time is of the essence and her blood levels are critically low.

The reluctance to proceed with the surgery without the necessary blood transfusions heightens the risk to her life, leaving everyone involved feeling desperate and uncertain about the best course of action.


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Credit: Time of Gist


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