How Dr.Ginika, Dr. Adeyeye, Afe Babalola Contributed to My Success-ABUAD Overall Best Student, Dr. Chukwuma Reveals

By Gbenga Sodeinde in Ado Ekiti

A 26 years newly inducted Dr. Chukwuma Ernest Nnanyereugo who emerged as the best graduating student of his 2023 set from the Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti (ABUAD), with five distinctions during the sixth induction ceremony of 161 medical doctors by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) held at Alfa Belgore hall of the University revealed in this interview with Gbenga Sodeinde, how Aare Afe Babalola, Dr Adeyeye, and the immediate past best overall graduating student of the University, Dr Ginika affected his life positively that had contributed immensely to his success story today. Excerpt:

Best Overall graduating Student of ABUAD, Chukwuma Ernest Nnanyereugo

Question: How do you feel today?

Answer: It’s a dream come true. I’m very happy. There’s no word to express my delight following my emergence as the best graduating medical student. If I was to sum up all my feelings right now in one word, it would be ‘finally’.

Question: What are the factors responsible for your success becoming the best overall student with five distinctions today?

Answer: I would say strong vision, resilience, hardwork, faith in God, and discipline.

Question: What is your opinion about japa syndrome?

Answer: I mean, I understand why people are leaving because of the growing insecurity concerns and the lack of commitment from the government to improve health care in the country. But personally, I prefer travelling abroad to improve my skill base and then coming back to impact on my country.

Question: what is your next line of move now?

Answer: I would want to start house job and then commence my residency/masters immediately after that.

Question: How old are you?
Answer: I am 26 years old

Question: What is your area of specialisation in medicine ?

Answer: Surgery

Question: what are the factors that influenced your becoming a doctor?

Answer: The passion to improve the quality of life of people around me and express God’s excellence through my academics. I believe medicine is the best platform to do that.

Question: Who is or are your mentor or mentors?

Answer: Dr ademola adeyeye, a colorectal surgeon at kings college, Uk and Dr Ginika Okafor, the last overall best graduating student of ABUAD in the 2022 set. Also Dr Adeyeye is a renowned general surgeon currently working in the UK. He graduated from university of illorin as the best student in his time.

Question: do you have any regrets in life, may be you would have love to do somethings different, or higher than this?

Answer: Yes I do have a lot of regrets but it’s about how you respond to them. I always aim to learn a lesson from my regrets/mistakes so that I’m a better person. That way, the sky is the limit.

Aare Ade Babalola

Question: what is your happiest day in life?

Answer: Today is actually my happiest day. Because it was a dream come true. A dream I have nursed for 8 years plus.

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Question: Who do you like to appreciate like people who really contributed to your success today.

Answer: God, my parents, friends, my mentors, Dr adeyeye and Dr Ginika and the founder Aare Afe Babalola.

Dr Ginika

Question: How have they affected your life positively?

Answer: They offered me words of advice when I needed someone to speak to me. Dr Ginika especially was more like a friend to me and I always asked her for guidance when I needed one and she was always there. They both emphasized the value of hardwork and focus in achieving my set goals.

Dr. Adeyeye

Dr adeyeye is more like a father figure apart from my biological father. He encourages me to always go for the best and makes out time from his busy schedule to speak to me once in a while.
The founder, Aare Afe Babalola serves as a source of inspiration and drive to me. His lifestyle alone is one to learn from.

Question: How did Baba Afe Babalola contributed to your success?

Answer; Afe Babalola has a quote, “he says success occurs when adequate preparation meets opportunity “. He believes there’s nothing like pure luck and success is only gotten through hardwork and discipline.

The celebrant, Dr. Chukwuma Ernest Nnanyereugo with Aare Ade Babalola

I remember the first time I met him personally in his office, he whispered to me, “keep working hard prof so that you can come out the best at the end of the day”. These words were like a tiny spark which fueled the drive in me to get to this desired end. And I’m glad I’m here.

Also for my parents, I thank my parents for sending me to this great institution. I thank them for the necessary sacrifices they had to make, persistent efforts and consistent motivation which got me through all my education. I can’t thank them enough! I thank my parents for sending me to this great institution.

From L-R: Dr Chukwuma Azubuike( celebrate’s Dad), Dr Chukwuma Ernest Nnanyereugo (celebrant) and Dr. Mrs Charity Chukwuma (Ph.D.) ( Celebrate ‘s Mum).

I thank them for the necessary sacrifices they had to make, persistent efforts and consistent motivation which got me through all my education. I can’t thank them enough!

I just hope this result is shows them my gratitude for all the beautiful work they’ve done in me.

Question: what has been your challenges getting to this far in your life?

Answer: There have been a lot of challenges to be honest including money. But I’m glad I was able to scale through successfully.

Question: what are your advice to other students who love to be like you?

Answer: Ensure God is your backbone and do It right: discipline, initiative, reading, insight, go the extra mile, have a goal, tell God. Apply all these and the sky is the starting point.


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