How Apostle Babalola Prayed & Floor Opened, Swallowed 4 Men That Opposed Him-Olukoya

Dr Daniel Olukoya, the General Overseer of Mountain Of Fire And Miracle Ministries spoke to his members on, “Declare War Against Your Oppressors” at their Manna Water Service.

As he spoke about why they need to declare war against people oppressing them, he told them a story of how Apostle Babalola Prayed and the floor opened and swallowed four men who confronted him.

He said, “In a demonic town in South Western part of Nigeria, where they worshipped a python that stayed inside a black pot on top of a mountain, he went there for a crusade. Immediately, as you stand at the edge of the forest, you see that python, and nobody dared to move close to that place.

The man of God went to the King and told him that he wanted to hold a crusade for three days, starting that day. The king said, “Ah! Today? Nobody goes out in the night today because there is a once-a-year festival done here, and everybody stays indoors”.

“The man of God then said “But we must start this crusade today”. In the night, the man of God went into the street when he knew that everybody had been told to go inside. Very soon, four men approached him carrying heavy satanic materials.

So when they saw him in the night, they asked him who he was, and he said “I am Joseph Babalola”. They said, “A human being or a spirit?”

He replied, “a human being,” to which they asked, “Did you not hear that nobody comes outside when we are doing this festival?” He said, “I heard,” and they asked, “And you came out? Did nobody tell you that no one is supposed to see us and remain alive?”

“Then he told them, “Did you know that nobody also sees me and remains alive?” They got angry. The first person dipped his hand into his dress, brought out a horn, and started incantations into it. The man of God just stood watching. It was the most junior satanist that started the incantations.

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When he was tired, the second fellow took over, with the man of God still watching. The third person took over, and that was how the boss took over. All of these took about an hour.”

“So after the boss had talked for a while, the man of God asked them, “Have you finished?” Then he turned to heaven and said, “Father, what I want you to do here today is what you did in the time of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram.

Let this ground open up and swallow up just three of them, and leave one to go and tell the others that they should never confront the power of God”.

He had not finished talking when the ground opened up and swallowed three people. The fourth person ran away. So the crusade the king said could not hold was held the next day in the evil forest with the python.”

He then said, “The people who could not move to that place moved after the great apostle prayed. When the people of the town saw this, they also followed them into that evil forest.

The python knew that there was trouble. It crawled out of the pot and tried to run away. It was these same villagers who killed the serpent. We need to operate with this same kind of Christianity instead of practising weak Christianity.”

Finally, he said, “So because of this warfare, God has given us some mighty weapons.

The first mighty weapon He gave us is Dominion over every evil spirit. That spirit must mind every word you say. If they are not minding you, maybe you are not giving them enough orders. We are supposed to be telling them what to do and where to go.”


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