Gov. Oyebanji’s Visit to Yemisi Shyllon Museum: A Milestone Towards Positioning Ekiti as a Tourism State

By Wale Ojo- Lanre Esq

In his unwavering commitment to transforming Ekiti State into a tourism hub, His Excellency, Governor Biodun Oyebanji, recently visited the magnificent Yemisi Shyllon Museum in Lagos.

This visit marks a significant step forward in positioning Ekiti State as a formidable tourism destination.
The Yemisi Shyllon Museum, owned by Prince Yemisi Shyllon, Africa’s largest collector of works of Arts , is renowned for its rich and extensive art collection, making it an ideal inspiration for Ekiti State’s cultural – tourism landscape.

Governor Oyebanji’s vision of turning Ekiti State into a vibrant tourism state is both commendable and inspiring. His efforts to support various art initiatives, such as inaugurating the Olowe of Ise Art Foundation, have showcased his deep appreciation for cultural and heritage tourism .

By embracing collaborations with influential figures like Prince Yemisi Shyllon, the Governor has undoubtedly bolstered Ekiti State’s heritage, art and cultural tourism scenes .

Through his visit to the Yemisi Shyllon Museum, Governor Oyebanji has taken a significant stride in promoting Ekiti State’s cultural artifacts and heritage. By connecting with Africa’s largest art collector, the Governor has not only expressed his commitment to preserving the state’s artistic legacy but also showcased Ekiti State as a formidable force in the artistic community.

Governor Oyebanji’s decision to commission the building of a museum in honor of the late world-renowned sculptor, Olowe of Ise, in Ise Ekiti, is a testament to his vision of preserving and celebrating art.

This initiative not only pays homage to the brilliance of the late artist but also ensures that Ekiti State’s rich artistic traditions are forever enshrined in history.

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By positioning Ekiti State as a tourism state, Governor Oyebanji is taking the necessary steps to boost the economic prospects of the region.

The Yemisi Shyllon Museum visit serves as an important catalyst in attracting tourists and art enthusiasts to explore the wealth of cultural treasures that Ekiti State has to offer. It also creates an avenue for promoting local talent and stimulating economic growth within the state.

Governor Biodun Oyebanji’s visit to the Yemisi Shyllon Museum and his dedication to positioning Ekiti State as a tourism state is commendable.

His consistent support for the arts, collaboration with prominent figures like Prince Yemisi Shyllon, and initiatives to build museums commemorating significant artists all contribute to the growth and recognition of Ekiti State’s cultural tourism heritage.

With passionate leaders like Governor Oyebanji, Ekiti State is well on its way to becoming a tourism powerhouse that celebrates its rich history and captivates visitors from near and far.

No wonder his insistence on the Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism Development to come up with a highly domesticated and cosmopolitan Ekiti State Tourism Development Master Plan is a pillar of his vision at making Ekiti State the preferred destination of all.

God bless Prince Yemisi Shyllon
God bless Governor Biodun Oyebanji
God bless Ekiti State.

…….Ojo- Lanre is the Director – General , Bureau of Tourism Development,Ekiti State.

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  1. Kudos to Governor Oyebanji. Besides the exposure of the State to the world, arts and tourism can be a veritable source of revenue.

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