Elebuibon Speaks Out In Brazil, Harps On Yoruba Culture, Tradition, Religion

By Adeyinka Olaiya/Brazil

Heritagenewsng reports that the Yoruba Icon, Araba Ifayemi Elebuibon has advised the Yorubas in Brazil and around the world to defend themselves with whatever they have from their ancestors, he charged the Yorubas all over the world to defend their race by defending their culture, tradition and religion.

In a program fully supported by heritagenewsng and packaged by Gbenga Sodeinde, the highly celebrated Ifa priest who dialogued with the Yorubas at the just concluded Yoruba conference held in Brazil to celebrate him, said that the easiest way to enslave a people is by robbing them of their culture , tradition and religion.
Baba Araba
The Araba Ifa of Osogbo further elaborated that if these three things are taken away from a people in any society, nothing can function properly in such a society , he said that the Yorubas in Nigeria and around the world should promote their culture and religion with pride .
In a conference organized and coordinated in Brazil by the Nigerian Artist, writer and Journalist, Adeyinka Olaiya and co-moderated by the Cultural Ambassador in Brazil , Ifa priest , Adegboyega Nojeem, High chief  Ifayemi Elebuibon said that the tricks implanted by colonialism was actually to demonize not only the Yoruba religion but also to destroy the culture and tradition of the Yoruba people around the world .
Baba Elebuibon who is also a visiting Professor to several universities in the United States of America said that all religions in this world offer sacrifices to appease their gods and according to their own beliefs but only the ones done by the indigenous religions of Africa are considered satanic by the colonialists who introduced their religions forcefully on helpless Africans “ it is their religion that encouraged slavery , not ours “ he said .
Adeyinka Olaiya, Adegboyega Nojeem and Araba Ifayemi at the conference.
He further cited the situations in Mecca where   certain norms and conditions are observed during the annual pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia , the offerings of rams and other necessities, he said that Orishas were persons who lived and became Orishas.
Some of the participants at the conference in Brazil.
Elebuibon said that Yorubas could also refer to Jesus Christ as Orisha since he did wonders on earth and still have followers , he condemned the biblical interpretation of Esu as Satan, he said the Yoruba Esu is not Satan.
Baba Araba disclosed further that Esu is a messenger of Olodumare, he expressed discontent on why is it that only the offerings in the African religions are tagged devilish, he asked the Yorubas to protect their religion from those who wants to dent it .
The Yoruba poet and philosopher  however advised that the Yoruba language should be the first in all Yoruba homes, he demonstrated discontent with the manner at which Yoruba homes are dominated only in English language , he also advised that parents should encourage Yoruba language , culture and tradition to reign in their homes
The High Ifa priest responded to questions from participants, including the much respected Yoruba Lecturer, Professor Bayo Omolola from Howard University, United States of America, Ifa priest Daniel Bayo Majaro, Ambassador Biola Ogunlowo , Alexander Adekunle Caxton from Canada, Omowe Kehinde Adepegba from Nigeria , Brazilian Iyanifa, Adriana Eloy and several other participants.
The Yoruba Icon who was the brain behind the one time television program “ Ifa Olokun Asoro da’ayo” said  he is still studying the possibilities of returning a collective program of such to the Nigerian television, he said such is necessary to keep the Yoruba  beliefs alive in the dailies of the Yoruba people of Nigeria and around the world.
Araba Elebuibon however said that the Yoruba culture should be present in the doings of all Yorubas, he mentioned specifically that Nigerian artists, designers and historians should always use their talents to promote the Yoruba arts , designs and history , he said such is necessary to keep the culture alive
Baba Elebuibon who cited several of the Ifa verses and songs said that the culture and religion of the Yoruba people should be properly exercised to avoid wrong teachings, he recognized the efforts of the late Duro Ladipo, he gave recognition to Adegbite and Prof. Wole Soyinka .
The High Ifa priest advised that practitioners should always search for knowledge and understanding so they can pass it correctly to the coming generation, he however declined  emphasis in the use  of Obas by some traditionalists. He also explained that these Orisha crowns are to honor  the chief priest as kings in their respective traditional lines.
Specifically, he said there is nothing wrong about that if they get their crowns in the very right manner from their respective Orishas, he also mentioned that the important thing  is to elevate the tradition and the religion.
Participants at the conference in Brazil.
Araba however concluded that all Yoruba kings who are not ready to practice the traditional religion should abscond from it.
Baba Elebuibon demonstrated discontent with traditional kings who disrespect the Yoruba religion after been crowned as kings.
The conference which was held via zoom was a display of academic excellence, it exhibited orations , incantations , citations in Yoruba language.
The event presented participants including Oba Ogboni Iwashe, Kabiyesi Adekunle Aderounmu, Ifa Priest Daniel Majaro, Alagba , Peter , Alhaji Musibau Akanni , Professor , Félix Ayoh Omidire ( Obafemi Awolowo University) , Prince Adebayo Olaiya ( Cristabol Palace Hotel, Lekki) Madam Olunike Ajani, Ogbeni Dare Olusan ( Tap Radio, Portal Africa, South Africa ) Madam Titilayo Fadeyi, and Princess Adedoja Ogunwusi ( Adedoja foundation )
Others are; Prof. Alex Adejobi, Oluwo Olakunle Olawole, Bruno Pimentel, Odunola Thompson (Actor , Singer) Hon..Barrister Chuks Iloegbunam, Ibrahim Alabi ( Saopaulo) Hakeem Adebowale Babatunde ( China), Dr. Emmanuel Oluwatuyi ( president,Nígerian Community, Brazil ) Ajayi Adegbite, Rasheed Ibadan, Uthman Dan Bakare, and several other participants  from colleges of studies around the world.
The conference celebrated scholars from universities in Nigeria, Brazil, China, United Kingdom, United States , Argentina , South Africa, Ghana, Áustria, Greece, México and many more
Baba Araba Ifayemi Elebuibon  also  prayed for all at the conference , he prayed for a better Yoruba land, he asked the Yorubas in Brazil to continue setting the pace for others
The coordinators, Adeyinka Olaiya and Ifa priest Adegboyega Nojeem thanked the participants present,  a special thanks was extended to Araba Ifayemi for creating the time to address the Yorubas in Brazil and around the world.
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