Ekiti Ministerial Slot, In Defence of Dr Kayode Fayemi.

I have read a flurry of stinkers directed at our own Omoluabi and Former Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi. These articles have been largely anonymous and all sought to desperately disparage Dr Fayemi and cast a shadow on his enviable legacy.

One would be tempted to ask what these hired pen mercenaries seek to achieve with their unfounded, spurious and defamatory contents. It has however become obvious that they are fighting imaginary wars on who becomes the next Minister in the incoming Cabinet of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

First, I do not seek to join issues with them in this piece, I have only penned this intervention to educate them and set the records straight. Also, it’s Worthy of note that though dignifying these jokers is giving them undeserved relevance and Governor Fayemi will rather stay high when they go low, but some of us who are his admirers will not ignore them. Like the lawyers say, ‘res ipsa loquitur’. Dr Kayode Fayemi’s records speak for itself, he has made a name for himself in public service within and outside the shores of Nigeria. His records as Governor of Ekiti both in his first and second term is that of a top performer. This is coupled with his eventful outing as Minister for Steel and Mines in the first term of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Secondly, Dr Fayemi that many of us know is definitely not in the business of lobbying for any political position. He did not lobby to be Governor. He was invited to serve. He did not lobby to be Minister. President Buhari knew what he contributed to making him President and thought it wise to ask him to serve.

Those who know him are aware that since leaving Ekiti, he has been busy not only as President of the Forum of Regions in Africa, a coordinating body for all Governors on the continent but also as a Visiting Professor in the Faculty of Social Science and Public Policy in King’s College, University of London.

I equally need to make the point very quickly, that it is the sole prerogative of the President-Elect, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to appoint people he deems fit into his cabinet. It is common knowledge that Asiwaju Tinubu’s biggest forte is his capacity to hunt and manage Talents. He is widely reputed for his ability to headhunt quality hands and put them into functions where they are best suited.

Those who seek to demonise Fayemi in their bid to position their paymasters for Ministerial jobs are labouring in vain. The President-Elect is a political enigma who understands the game better than these little minds and will shock them to their marrows.

People say, doing things the same way and expecting different outcomes is foolishness. These same characters and their sponsors did worse during Buhari’s 2015 Ministerial saga, he came out triumphantly that he eventually became the ‘star boy’ at the Red Chamber while attending the Ministerial Screening. Also worthy of note that Dr Fayemi was the most tackled in the build-up to Ekiti 2018 Guber Elections by these same enemies of progress, but like Joseph brothers, who threw him in the pit with the hope of killing his dream, they all came back to bow to him after 16th October 2018, when he was sworn in as the 5th elected Governor of Ekiti State.

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Like everyone and anyone, it’s never a crime to aspire to be anything, it only become crime when desperation of becoming anything beclouds the aspirants’ sense of reasoning. During Fayemi 2018 Election there are many contestants who came up against him and they are Dr. Mrs Yahya Kolade, RT. Hon. Femi Bamisile, Hon. Victor Kolade, Hon. Bamidele Faparusi and Engr. Segun Oni to name a few, apart from Engr. Segun Oni who rejected his senatorial ticket, Fayemi appointed majority of them to serve in his cabinet and he supported others to get party ticket to house of Rep.

Therefore, where is the crime in co-contesting especially when you feel you also have what it takes. It is only political neophytes that will think President-Elect Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, will sacrifice a brilliant and resourceful Fayemi because he chooses to contest against him and eventually stepped down for the interest of Yoruba-Race.

If only they watch the said primaries where Fayemi stepped down for Tinubu, Fayemi was the ONLY ONE TINUBU STOOD UP TO RECEIVE in V.I.P cubicle where Asiwaju was sorted. it’s to tell that his stepping down was significant and ask Seyi TINUBU, the right-hand man of incoming president why his jubilation was that much when Fayemi stepped down than any other aspirants.

If political jam talkers are now saying this to Fayemi who played major roles in bringing international supports for Tinubu, what will they do to Osinbajo who is one of the major and huge beneficiaries of Tinubu big heart, who didn’t just contest with Tinubu in the said primaries election but as well wasn’t visible in the Tinubu presidential campaigns across the 36 states?

JKF is Ekiti shining light and he has paid his dues, amongst several of his achievements as Ekiti Governor is producing his Successor from his Party , H.E Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji who hit the ground running by taking the batton and giving Fayemi’s unfinished legacy projects finishing touches.

While I am not advocating that these naysayers stop attacking H.E John Kayode Fayemi, because I believe strongly that the thicker the storm, the better the sails, I do think that it’s time to caution them to lower their desperation and know that no man gets a thing except it’s divinely ordained.

Seeking to railroad the President-elect into their sinister agenda is an exercise in futility. Asiwaju Tinubu has the sole prerogative to appoint into his cabinet and he will do so in the fullness of time. Let the Campaign of Calumny stop forthwith.


Gabriel Adesoji (ANGELGABBY)

Writes from Ado- Ekiti

One thought on “Ekiti Ministerial Slot, In Defence of Dr Kayode Fayemi.

  1. People who are of the same terrains as JKF knows that he is worth the onions, he is a master strategist and brilliant. I believe no administration at the Federal level will want to miss out on his wits, he has so much to offer. Ask the Nigerian Governors Forum, they will lecture naysayers better. JKF is simply the best.

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