Ekiti 2026: Truth But Bitter!

Ekiti 2026: Truth But Bitter!

As the waves of adoption of Gov. Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji BAO is becoming more interesting so as the trend is also becoming embarrassing to the sensibility of many intellectuals in the land of honour.

Imagine! some tested but failed Politicians in the State who have lost more than 90% of his once ardent and unrepentant Loyalists including Personal Assistant who had abandoned him not because they were ungrateful to him but rather because of his insatiable appetite for accruing wealth for his family alone while his followers are wallowing in abject poverty and penury are also adopting Gov. Oyebanji.

Politicians who have been serving himself instead of serving the People in different capacities both at the State and Federal Levels for more than 10 years and currently living large and stupendous but could not point at just five People who have completely out of poverty line through him or her should rather be questioned on the basis for his adoption.

Some adoptions are mere self-serving, waste of time, beautiful package of nonsense and rubbish with little or no political ideology or commitment but just an attempt to play along in the day and do otherwise clandestinely especially when men of honour are sleeping.

I will advise Mr. Governor to begin the conduct of an independent investigation into the way some of the current “Big Politicians” in the State and for more clarity, when we talk about “Big Politicians” I mean, Senators, House of Representatives, House of Assembly Members, Commissioners and likes are living with their Followers before taking some of the adoptions serious.

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The reports of the investigations will shock but assist Gov. Oyebanji on whose adoption should be relied on as the game continues to play out ahead of the 2026 governorship election in Ekiti State.

I Stop Here For Now.

God Bless Ekiti People.

Femi Awojobi
080 3764 3696

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