Ekiti 2022: Pertinent Questions And Answers On Who Succeeds Fayemi

By Gbenga Sodeinde
Ekiti State Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi will hand over to the next democratically elected Governor of the state by October next year, after which the yet to be identified successor might have convincingly won in the July 16, 2022 Governorship as it has been scheduled by the independent Electoral Commission,  INEC.
Therefore, as 2022 Gubernatorial elections in the state draw near, faces of individuals who the cap fits have been in focus. It is certainly like the proverbial saying that “different knives for carving sake surface in the circumstance of the Mother Elephant’s death.
The scenario in Ekiti State is  akin to when the anointed King of Israel was to be chosen: the tall and the short, the  beautiful and  the ugly , the bold and the timid all showed up to be annointed for the royal stool by Prophet Samuel, but they were not the chosen ones.
The real and chosen one, who the cap really fitted, and who was favoured by God was theLittle shepherd, David who happened to be tendering his father’s sheep in the bush.
Pundits have proffered  reasonable facts to be considered in determining who succeeds Dr Fayemi in the state, after the 2022 gubernatorial election.
Some of the criterias being considered are that the person must be a grassroots person with a large following, he must be a down- to -heart man of the people  and who  can easily be accessed by the people without any an hitch.
Other factors being considered are that the person must have lived the most parts of his or her life  in Ekiti. The person must be well- known, and popular with the people, and not an “Ekiti abroad” and a rabble rouser of sort who knows  nothing about the yearnings as well as the  challenges of  Ekiti people.
He or she must not like a rooster only come home to roost during elections, parading him or herself as the long awaited “Messiah.” Simply put, the person must not be political mistletoe who will  suddenly  become a nice person, giving out chicken-feeds to deceive the innocent and poor people of the state.Regrettably,  some peevish and self-serving political jobbers cave in to their antics and get used and dumped.
Any distress call to  such opportunistic political mistletoes for assistance, favour or help thereafter, I am positive, is usually met with brickwall. They either ignore your calls or deliberately consigned your calls to missed call trash bag.These are not brands of political leaders Ekiti want to succeed Fayemi.
The pundits also place a premium atention on the Ekiti South Agenda, meaning any good candidate from The South in the current dispensation will defeat any  candidates from other Senatorial Districts in Ekiti, and particularly if the person is lucky to have come from Ikere Ekiti or any other larger cities like Ikere Ekiti in the Southern parts of the state.
Another major factor being considered is that such a person must be a highly responsible, reliable, and a strong politician of note with experience and solid incorruptible background and a high perigree of performance and relationship currencies.
Pundits are also of the view that such a person must be versatile, articulate and highly educated taking cognizance of the fact that Ekiti state is the fountain of knowledge and land of honour.
Yes,  many have been eyeing the prestigious and cozy Oke Ayaba Villa.
They have set their political machinery in motion showcasing their might to further propel Ekiti State to an Oasis of economic freedom and  developmental heights.
But there is one particular person, a Numero uno whose profile situates in a more vantage position for Fayemi’s job.
Chief Sesan Fatoba from Ikere Ekiti, an experienced politician of note, a grassroots politician to the core,  and a down- to -heart man of the people with stainless records of traceable history is the political ozymandias Ekiti desperately needs.  He has helped many people,  empowered numerous youths and as well as produced many leaders during his service years as a civil servant and  a politician.
He is very brilliant, goal getter, versatile, articulate, reliable,  responsible, tenacious,  good-naturedly tolerant, calculating, agile, selfless, full of erudition,  and a proactive political wizard.
Many people have testified to his maturity, cool headedness, non- frivolity, straightforwardness, frankness and unassuming nature.
Fatoba is the right person who  is popular within and outside his party, he is a strong progressive, and a Congress Chieftain who does not belong to any particular group but loved and respected by all.
His marrying from Ise Ekiti  makes him more detribalised and  popular in Ekiti. Apart from being generally treasured in Ikere Ekiti, his homebase, which is  the second largest city in Ekiti State, he is a universal Ekiti man.

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