Deborah’s Death: Christians Use Their Own Religion To Judge Another Religion

..Rev.Fr.George Barde, Catholic Archdiocese of Jos, Nigeria

The problem I have with Christians is that they use their own religion to judge another religion. This explains why they can never understand certain things that happen in this country.

To be honest a typical Muslim knows that blasphemy carries the sentence of execution. The only issue here is who determines blasphemy? Just anyone?

Islam as a religion is a comprehensive guide on how to do everything and what to believe in life. It is very detailed and pinpoint about every day life issues including how you copulate etc. When Yerima Bakura Ahmed Sani of Zamfara introduced Sharia mostly Christians shouted but most of his people saw no problem with it. Eventually most northern states have sharia law today.

They like it because it is a direct and fast justice system. When again he decided to marry a young teenager from Egypt people shouted but her parents and his religion permits a minor to be married off.

Actually a family can kill their own child son or daughter who perhaps converts to another religion or marries a non Muslim. It is called honor killing. It is rampant in Pakistan.

The Atheist Dadiata was kidnap for blasphemy and till date we don’t know what has become of him.

What happened to Deborah is very infuriating if you don’t understand the religious sentiment of an average Muslim. The Koran and hadith of course are his rule of life. No matter what you think and know once it says it then it can be done notwithstanding what you think or feel.

So many Muslims might be embarrassed and ashamed at what has happened and keeps happening but they know that those people that committed that despicable and horrendous act of murder in the most inexplicable way in this modern world can justify their actions from the Koran.

It is difficult for some because they are a minority voice of reason in all of these. Whether it is to abduct and marry a Christian girl by force or demolish a church or revoke land ownership to Christians Islam can justify it. Boko Haram feel more Muslim than all other Muslims and they can justify it from the Koran.

I don’t blame anyone but those who have accepted responsibility of office in the name of all of us. We have seen this many times in this country. Tell me the outcome of the investigations?

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Politicians will only do what can bring them votes and money. Buhari and Pantami and Bashir Ahmed all are concerned not to be seen as bad Muslims so they will be careful not to offend their people with any politically fatal pretensions to be against the teachings of Islam when it conflicts with our so-called secular state. There is a viral tweet by the same Bashir Ahmed a government functionary that says he supports the death sentence for blasphemy.

The only time that these barbarities will stop is if Christians have their own country and Muslims their own. Unfortunately this is not possible because Nigeria is “ONE”. The only other way around this is for politicians who identify as Christians to demand justice for Christians in this country governed by two laws and moralities.

This is very foolish of me to expect them to stand up for the people in whose name they purport to be leaders. They will only stand up when their share of the largesse no longer flows. Actually so-called Christian politicians are the cause of these constant disrespect and maiming that Christians face today. They are more likely to want to be seen as good in the eyes of powerful Muslims so that they will be the ones to be called to receive the crumbs in our name.

The blood of their brethren is not as important as their good name in the eyes of their Muslim masters.

Some people even Christians will find these lines inappropriate but that is why we will continue to die and suffer. Jesus said you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Let’s continue to pretend that we are nice and polite and afraid of death or torture in the hands those who use their stranglehold on the country to privilege their own side against others.

There is limit to needless and fruitless diplomacies and engagements.

Christian are unfortunate not for their faith anchored on peace, love of God and neighbour but because of the cowards, naive and greedy politicians and we Pastors who are their leaders.

May the soul of Deborah Samuel who died because she is a Christian in such a terrible country rest in peace with the Lord. Amen.


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One thought on “Deborah’s Death: Christians Use Their Own Religion To Judge Another Religion

  1. You got it totally wrong on the execution for blasphemy. Please don’t damble into what you don’t know much about that is the major problem in the country when people just comment on religion issue. Since the killing of Deborah several vedios of Islamic clerics have surfaced where they analysed that no portion of the Holy Quran or Hadith of Prophet Mohammed called for death sentence on blasphemy. Quran asked Muslims to preach love to those who blasphem and be kind to them until they win them to their sides. Don’t quote what you know nothing about so as not to cause another problem. We have Muslims in the South West and have you heard of such crime in the name of religion. It is the culture of the people of the North to be fanatical using Islam as a basis, just like banditry, terrorism and insurgency

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