Breaking! Ekiti Declared The Most Active Tourism State in Nigeria

Breaking! Ekiti Declared The Most Active Tourism State in Nigeria

In an exciting turn of events, Ekiti State has received a great honor by being declared the “Most Active Tourism State in Nigeria 2023” at the 10th Wonders of the World Expo, held at The National Museum in Onikan, Lagos ,Friday 19 2024.

This prestigious award recognizes the remarkable efforts made by the state in transforming its tourism sector.

The President of Travellers Awards, Amb Ikechi Uko, shared his insights into the incredible tourism revolution that has taken place in Ekiti State over the past eight months. Prior to this period, Ekiti was relatively inactive when it came to tourism, but all that changed with the onset of Governor Biodun Oyebanji’s administration.

Under the visionary leadership of Governor Oyebanji, Ekiti State embarked on a journey of tourism development that surpassed all expectations. Notable achievements include the establishment of the Ekiti State Bureau of Tourism, deliberate efforts to enhance tourism infrastructure through planting tourism facilities, and the inauguration of an ultra-modern Bus Terminal.

Ekiti State has also positioned itself as a prime destination for hosting prestigious events, such as the2023 NATOP AGM and the Africa Tourism Climate Action Forum Summit.ATCAF 2023 These initiatives have not only showcased the state’s potential but have also attracted significant attention from the tourism community.

Additionally, Ekiti State has prioritized the preservation and promotion of its rich cultural heritage. This dedication led to the creation of the Adire Ekiti Hub, a center dedicated to the renowned indigenous Adire fabric. The state has also commenced production of the Ekiti State Tourism Master Plan, paving the way for cohesive tourism development strategies.

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The Governor has also instituted the Olowe Arts Foundation ,in honour of the late world’s notable palace sculptor Olowe of Ise

The government’s commitment does not end here. Governor Oyebanji has expedited the work on the Ekiti Cargo Airport, further opening up opportunities for international travel and commerce.
The Governor’s personal involvement in leading a hiking expedition to the breathtaking Abanijorin Rocks has also highlighted the magnificent natural landscapes that Ekiti State has to offer.

The esteemed award was received by Barrister Wale Ojo-Lanre, the Director-General of the Bureau of Tourism Development Ekiti State. The ceremony was graced by distinguished presenters, including the Minister of Tourism, Mrs. Lola Ade-John, who commended Ekiti State for its proactive stance and achievements in tourism.

Renowned travel experts, Nneka and Isaac Moses of Goge Africa, also attested to witnessing the tremendous tourism revolution in Ekiti State firsthand. Their testimony further solidifies the recognition bestowed upon Ekiti as the Most Active Tourism State in Nigeria.

This award is not only a testament to the hard work and dedication of the government and tourism authorities in Ekiti State but also a catalyst for the state’s future growth and development. Travelers from far and wide are now drawn to experience the enchanting beauty, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality that permeate every corner of Ekiti State.

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