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BRAZIL TAKES THE SPIRITS TO OLOKUN, The Yoruba Sea goddess Accepts

By Adeyinka Olaiya/Brazil


Brazil, this weekend  elevated the divine spirit of OLOKUN , the Yoruba goddess of the sea. A spiritual ceremony which counted with the presence of respectable  Olorisas, Babalawos , Iyanifas in Brazil, happened this weekend in Manaus , the capital city of Amazonas, Brazil.

Traditionalists at the ceremony in Manaus.

In a ritual of  songs , incantations and  dances in Yoruba rhythms , the Yoruba goddess of the sea  was appeased with appreciations.
Oba Ogboni Iwashe World wide, Kabiyesi Adekunle Aderounmu at the ceremony.
Traditionalists present returned the spirits of the dead to OLOKUN in a spectacular ritual activities tagged Asese in Candomble, it represents the return of Iyalorisa Noche Emília De Lisse to her ancestors.
The ritual ceremony also marked  the  presence of important dignitaries in Brazil, Judges, solicitors , Governors. Ministers, Babalawos.  Babalorixas. Ambassadors, Diplomats and other important personalities  in Brazil and around the world.
In Brazil’s candomblé religion , a version of the Yoruba traditional religion , Asese is the ritual ceremony to ensure the return of the dead initiates back to their ancestors.
The late spiritual leader , Noche Emília De Lissa died exactly a year ago at the age of 76 , she was a devotee of Olu-Okun, Yemonja, the goddess of the sea, her Asese was realized this weekend at the middle of the sea with the presence of Important Olorisas in Brazil.
Oba Ogboni (Worldwide), Kabiyesi Adekunle Aderounmu was also present at the occasion , he conducted ritual ceremonies along with other notable traditionalists present at the occasion.
Some of the important dignitaries also present were Cosme feliz ( journalist), Meiry Borges(President de Federação umbanda and candomble , Manaus), Federal Court judge Jaiza pinto fraxe  Dr. Sulamita, Dr. Ana  Claudia, Dr.  Camila, Dr.Jalili, Dr.Rogério, Dr.Luiz Alberto Nicolas, Dr.Daniel,Dr.Jaise Marine Frsxe. Dr. Tereza  Fraxe  Deputy Vice Chancellor (UF) Federal University, Amazonas.
OLOKUN is goddess of the sea , she is an Oluweri , half woman and half fish, she brings the fertility and prosperity of society and family life. She has the ability to transform, and always carries the responsibility and concern for others.
In nature, it is symbolized by the deep sea and is the true owner of the depths of the present, where no one has ever been. It represents the secrets of the under sea , as no one knows what is on the sea, except OLOKUN.
It also represents the richness of the sea and health. Olokun is one of the most powerful Orishas in the cult of Orishas. Olokun represents connections to all Orishas , she possesses the ability of a spiritual mother.

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