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Black Awareness Week In Brazil: Commissioner Exalts Afro


..As Alex King and Adeyinka Olaiya Exhibits

By Gbenga Sodeinde .

In commemoration of the annual Black Awareness Week in Brazil, the Saopaulo Commissioner for justice celebrated two artists of African descents , the Nigerian Artist and writer, Adeyinka Olaiya and the Brazilian artist, Alex king at the opening ceremony of the exhibition of Paintings and illustrations “ Olhos que emocionam” organized and curated by the African Brazilian writer and historian, Adriana Lopez.

Oba Ogboni, Adekunle Aderonmu, Commissioner for justice , Dr. Fernando José da Costa , Adeyinka Olaiya at the opening ceremony of the exhibition.
Adriana Lopez, Adeyinka Olaiya, Oba Adekunle Aderonmu, Commissioner for Justice, Dr.Fernando Jose Da Costa.
Adeyinka Olaiya,Chidozie Felix, Afrobrasilink Reporter and Alex King.

The exhibition which featured the Paintings of Adeyinka Olaiya and Alex King marked the presence of distinguished guests of honor , the state commissioner for justice, Dr Fernando José Da Costa , who commended the visual representations of the Artists and the works exhibited ;the divine paintings of Adeyinka Olaiya; the visual approach of Alex king and the curator, Adriana Lopez .

The Commissioner declared open the exhibition, he conveyed the message from the state Governor , João Doria , who is committed to promoting the interest of every Brazilian irrespective of the color , ethnic or race , he said arts is another means of promoting the African-Brazilian culture and tradition; he applauded the initiatives and thanked the artists, the curator and the audience.

Adeyinka Olaiya and Chidozie Felix.
Adeyinka Olaiya, Alex king , and Oba Adekunle Aderonmu.

The Exhibition also counted with the presence of the Ogboni king, Oba Adekunle Aderonmu who also congratulated the exceptional renderings of the artists , he said Alex King spoke of the visual representation of our society by acknowledging the seven women in his life through his paintings while Adeyinka Olaiya spoke of the Yoruba divinity in his expressions , the Ogboni king said African Cultural Center in Saopaulo is ready to collaborate to the promotion of culture and tradition of the African-Brazilians.

Adriana Lopez and Auro Brandão , the director of Mancha verde Samba college.
The artists and the queens at the event .

The curator , Adriana Lopez said the victory is not just the exhibition of arts but the opportunity given to an African and African Brazilian to finally exhibit in a place that was once a centre of torture ; a place were African ancestors were tortured , killed and buried as slaves in the 18th and 19th century , she said the same place that is now the Ministry of Justice has become a venue where African artists now exhibits . “ It is a victory to me , a victory to the black race., I congratulate the artists , Alex King and Adeyinka Olaiya . I also congratulate the ministry for the opportunity “ she concluded.


Adriana Lopez further congratulated the Commissioner for Justice , Dr.Fernando Jose Da Costa, the coordinator; Dr Antônio Carlos da Silva Barros , Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Justice ; Dr Luis Orsatti filho , the Executives, Lucimara Nunes de Paula, Adriano Neres, Sra Débora Justino, Welson Amaral, Irene Brito, Chidozie Félix, Bruna Mesquita, Luciana Cardim, Henrique Versoni, Cláudio Lira and the Equipe   Galette.

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