Ajibulu Assures Ekiti North Of An Era Of Total Transformation On Assumption Office As Senator 

By Oke Aruleba @Deprof.

Mark Twain, the renowned American writer says:” the fact that Man knows RIGHT from WRONG proves his INTELLECTUAL SUPERIORITY to other Creatures.”

It is against the backdrop of this moving quote that Chief Segun Ajibulu presented to the delegates in Ekiti North Senatorial District the platforms on which he will launch and accomplish his electoral promises, which are nothing short of sacrosanct PROMISSORY NOTE dedicated to the teeming Ekiti North Senatorial District Electorate.

He passionately and emphatically stressed that ” elections are about choices” and such choices are similar to a choice one faces when one comes to a FORK in the Road, which eventually leads to a destination.

According Chief Ajibulu, the choice Ekiti North Senatorial District delegates have to make now is either to continue to contend with a dearth of the DIVIDENDS OF DEMOCRACY or make a U-TURN by joining the Transformation Train heralding an ERA of Unprecedented DEVELOPMENT and PROSPERITY in Ekiti North Senatorial District.

In his heart warming, promising and eye-opening address to the Ekiti North Senatorial District delegates, Chief Ajibulu further assured them that he has handy a Blueprint for TRANSFORMATION AGENDA for Ekiti North Senatorial District which will turn the Zone into an envy of all other Senatorial Districts in Ekiti State.

The first theme on the platform of Ajibulu is to remove the usual Communication bottleneck between the Elected and the Electorate in Ekiti North Senatorial District. This he intends to achieve via building a SITUATION OFFICE in the District , which will afford the Constituents ample opportunity to interact with their Senator without hindrance. The office will be fully equipped and Constituents will be employed to keep its engine room rolling.

Apart from the fact that this will be an avenue to create jobs for the Constituents, the communication impasse will become a thing of the past in the Zone

Chief Ajibulu vowed not to be an Abuja Senator but a Home Senator, who is always at home with his Constituents.

The second theme is that Chief Ajibulu will declare an Emergency in the Educational Sector in order to wrest the gauntlet of our educational system from the grips of those playing politics with the future of our children who have been assigned the false prefix of ” the leaders of tomorrow.”

In Chief Ajibulu’s words:” it is time to lend a strong voice to the struggle to end the avoidably unwarranted incessant University lecturers’ strike- actions and youth unemployment.”

The Human Rights Activist, Chief Ajibulu in his usual elements, further decried the deplorable conditions of the educational system in Nigeria. He opined that the outrageous fees spent on election forms collection, in a sane clime could have been used to bail out the comatose educational system.

If given the opportunity to serve as the Senator in Ekiti North Senatorial District, Chief Ajibulu promised to initiate and get passed robust legislative bills that will create enabling environments for Empowerment and Self-reliance programmes in Ekiti North Senatorial District.

Chief Ajibulu, while unvieling a style which is a clear departure from the status quo or old politics, vowed that the era of scounting for foreign contractors to do the jobs which local contractors can comfortably do is over if he is elected as the Senator.

According to him, if needs be, necessary technical and professional assistance will be given to the local contractors to efficiently get the awarded contracts done so that all parties to contracts shall be better for it.

He, however, reminisced on the flourishing era of Governor Niyi Adebayo, when Chief Ajibulu’s mother irrespective of her status, won a contract slot! A gesture from a government that believes in a saying which goes a long way in validating the popular dictum: “to whom much is given , much is expected.”

It is like restating an obvious fact we are in a season in our political history when the RUNAWAY POLITICAL HUCKSTERS have returned home to roost like hens in order to treat the Electorate as besotted brides simply because of their Precious Votes.
He, therefore, enjoined the delegates to imbibe useful lesson from Shakespeare’s wisdom nugget that :” it is time to FEAR when the tyrants( runaway Political Jobbers) seem to offer a KISS to the electorate after a prolonged season of abandonment.”

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No doubt, the money-bags and political scoundrels are everywhere, enticing delegates with ill-gotten wealth from our Commonwealth. My candid advice is: ” collect their money but VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE!”

Chief Ajibulu further appealed to the conscience of the Electorate to beware of the POLITICAL CYNICS, who NEVER SEE a GOOD QUALITY in a MAN, and NEVER FAIL to SEE a BAD ONE. The Noble people of Ekiti North Senatorial District should be wary of CYNICS who are HUMAN OWLS, very VIGILANT in DARKNESS, and BLIND to LIGHT( which Ajibulu is about to ignite in Ekiti North Senatorial District), MOUSING the VERMINS( votes), and NEVER SEEING NOBLE GAME(politics in its refinest form).

He reminded the delegates in Ekiti North Senatorial Zone that they all know where he stands always as an “Omo Egbe” meaning, a founding and bonafide party member from the days of yores in AD party.
In his words: ” I am totally committed to the ideals and progress of the APC party. As a grassroots leader, I always fight for and uphold the priorities our party and Ekiti people hold dear to heart.”

I am a staunch APC Chieftain. I have used my economic wherewithal for the progress of the party and has never cross-carpeted or betrayed our great party for any reason.”

If voted as a Senator by the delegates, he pledged that he would deliver or achieve results in the first 100 days in office not in four years.

He further assured the delegates that he is not a ” NEWBIE” in politics who cannot be trusted with the affairs of the Ekiti North Senatorial District.

He made it manifest to the delegates that he was a former Commissioner of the Pensioners Board during Governor Fayemi’s first Civilian Administration.

He affirmed that he has the requisite experience and pedigree to represent Ekiti North Senatorial District in the Red Chambers. To lend credence to this position Chief Ajibulu asserted:
” I am an experienced leader who knows the nitty-gritty gritty of governance in local and international politics. I played a premium role in getting the Governorship slot for Ekiti North. I was the 1st inaugural Vice President of Ekitikete International. I was the Diaspora Coordinator for Olu Falae’s Presidency.”

” It is regrettable that the Dividends of Democracy have for so long eluded the teeming Electorate in Ekiti North Senatorial District for commiting no crime. This ugly narrative will change if I am voted by the delegates because the power to change the current ugly trends is domiciled in the noble people of Ekiti North. This primary election is not about AJIBULU it is about YOU and the FUTURE of your CHILDREN and GENERATIONS yet UNBORN.”

“I pledge that the positive wind of change in no time will blow across the landscape of Ekiti North Senatorial Zone by the time I am given the mandate to lead ”

He pleaded passionately with the delegates to vote him being the Best candidate with good intentions to change lives and situations in Ekit North Senatorial District.

He used the same medium to appeal to the people of his Constituency to vote enmass for BAO because he will return the party to the party people.

Chief Ajibulu reiterated that the BAO he knows will piously implement the Continuity Agenda of Governor Fayemi:
“Rest assured that BAO will replicate Former Governor Niyi Adebayo’s people-oriented policy where the masses matter: it is on record that my mother irrespective of her station in Ekit North Senatorial District, won a contract during Chief Niyi Adebayo’s tenure of office as Ekiti State Governor.

“BAO will deliver and go a little bit extra !”

In conclusion, Chief Ajibulu urged the delegates to vote for him and at the same time, he enjoined the progressive-minded Ekiti people to massively vote to BAO/MCA come June18,2022 in Ekiti Gubernatorial Election.

VOTE Chief Ajibulu for NASS 2023!
VOTE BAO/MCA for Governor!!

Oke Aruleba@Deprof

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