12th Inaugural Lecture: FUOYE’s Don’s Research x-rays Roles of Electromagnetism in National Development

12th Inaugural lecture: FUOYE’s Don’s Research x-rays Roles of Electromagnetism in National Development

By Wole Balogun
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Electromagnetism and related studies could aide rapid growth and development in all facets of life in Nigeria, says an astute Professor of Electrical and Electronics of the Federal University Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE), Prof. Olaitan Akinsanmi. The don, who also doubles as the Dean, FUOYE’s faculty of Engineering, made the disclosure while he was sharing his findings in cutting edge researches in his field during the 12th inaugural lecture of the University which he delivered and which was entitled: “ The Prodigious Capabilities of Electromagnetic Field and the Absolute Reliance of Techno-Dynamism on their August Existence.”

Prof. Akinsanmi who relayed his findings in several researches during decades of scholarship and teaching to the University community and guests at the occasion, assured that electromagnetism provides needed solutions to myriad of problems of underdevelopment facing the nation in virtually all areas of life.

Prof. Olaitan Akinsanmi

Citing one his research endeavours, he anchored the motivation for the rewarding effort on the encouragement given by the International Telecommunications Union Radio (ITU-R) to scientists and engineers in their respective countries to carry out research leading to the development of signal propagation profiles/curves in their localities, adding that his study investigated: “ …the received signal strength and the propagation profiles for a UHF broadcast channel in Ondo State, Nigeria.”

Sharing the findings of the research, the don revealed that : “These findings are very important for radio wave propagation and equipment design on the UHF band by radio scientists and engineers.

Propagation profiles are also useful at predicting the power received or lost at a given distance from the transmitter which is useful in path loss calculation and modelling.”

While acknowledging several findings and submissions from other researchers such as Ayeni, (2015), Yihuai (2012) and Akinbolati etal, among others, he assured that:” this work is apt at this point due to the novel results it presented, which would be useful for coverage areas prediction and path loss determination of UHF waves in the study areas.”

Prof. Akinsanmi presented the findings of his other researches and particularly gave recommendations to justify his claim that electromagnetism is capable of solving sundry human problems and bring about outstanding growth and development.

His words:”…world without Electrical and Electronics Engineering is a world that will not be worth living. As technology advances in the world, the Field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering will continue to create a remarkable wonder for our world.”

In a creative explication of his recommendations, he used the letters in “electromagnetism” to itemize the significance/benefits of his researches, thus, he said:” I recommend that:
“E” – Evaluate the potential of electromagnetism to address existing challenges. Assess the feasibility and impact of implementing electromagnetism in different fields.

“L” – Leverage electromagnetism to create new opportunities and open up new frontiers. Tap into the potential of electromagnetism to drive innovation and transformation.

E” – Explore the potential of electromagnetism beyond its current uses. Let us go beyond the traditional applications of electromagnetism and think outside the box. What new frontiers can we open up by harnessing the power of electromagnetism? Let’s push the ​ ​ boundaries and discover what is possible.

“C” ​ Consider the ethical implications of electromagnetism. Examine the potential risks and benefits of electromagnetism on society.

“T” – Transition existing systems and processes to incorporate electromagnetism. Upgrade and optimize legacy systems to make them compatible with electromagnetism.

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“R” – Regulate and govern the use of electromagnetism in all facets of the Nigerian Economy.

“O” – Optimize performance and efficiency through electromagnetism. Improve efficiency and productivity by integrating electromagnetism into existing processes.

“M” – Maximize the economic benefits of electromagnetism. Generate new revenue streams and boost profitability through electromagnetism.

“A” – Amplify the positive impact of electromagnetism. Leverage the power of electromagnetism to improve lives and create a better future.

“G” Generate new knowledge and understanding about electromagnetism. Expand the body of knowledge about electromagnetism through research and development.

“N” -Nurture an environment that encourages creativity and innovation around electromagnetism. Promote an ecosystem that supports the advancement of electromagnetism.

“E” – Educate the next generation about electromagnetism. Foster an interest in electromagnetism among young people through education and outreach.

“T” – Transform industries and sectors with electromagnetism. Drive radical change and transformation with electromagnetism.

“I” – Innovate with electromagnetism. Harness the power of electromagnetism to create new products, services, and solutions.
“C” – Collaborate to advance electromagnetism. Work together across industries and disciplines to push the boundaries of electromagnetism.

Men and women, inside and outside the citadel of learning should be prepared to welcome more wonders as technological advancement that will make our world worth a living.

Among the expected techno-dynamism that will create wonders for our world in the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) modules which will soon come into our banking system. This does not require the use of an ATM Card for banking and the problem of the stolen PIN to access your account will be permanently solved.

The rice grain-like micro-chip will be planted on your forehead or your right-hand side that will keep information about your banking operation secured and also keep your bio-data in other to produce your curriculum vitae (CV).

As you stand before the ATM (Automatic Teller Machine), the machine will be able to read your mind about whatever amount you intend to withdraw from the machine.

This makes it possible for humanthoughts to be captured and processed by the machine without physical activity such as inputting code and the required amount will be dispensed.

The falsification of bio-data will no longer be possible, as the machine will have the capacity to produce all bio-information without room for falsification of your age. The world is made a global village today through the use of internet facilities.More of this should be expected with more wonders of Electric and Magnetic Fields.”

While the occasion was as usual, chaired by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Abayomi Sunday Fasina, who made the official declaration of the inaugural lecturer as a Professor of Electronics and Electrical, the management team of the university comprising the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Administration, Prof. Tajudeeen Opoola, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academics, Prof. Olubunmi Shittu, Registrar of the University, Mr. Mufutau Ibrahim, University Bursar, Mrs. Bolanle Debo-Ajagunna, University Librarian, Dr. Isaac Busayo graced the occasion.

Other distinguished guests included Deans of the eleven faculties as well as Heads of various departments and Directors of several directorates of the university as well as the Dean of Students’ Affairs, Prof. Wasiu Oyedokun-Alli and the Alumni President, Mr. Temitope Arogundade among other members of the University community and guests.


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